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Titak 13-11-17 16:15

Trle/trng resources

Here you can find some resources, mainly stuff from the original TR games, which you can use for your own levels.

- Audio files from TR1, TR2, TR3 and TR5
- Samples from TR3, TR5 and TRL

- cutscene animations from TR1-TR3

- Textures in size 128x128 from TR1-5, AOD, TRL, TRA and TRU
- Links to external texture sites

- Additional wad: Angkor Wat and Library
- Revised wads
- TR wads: all wads from TR1-TR5 (keep in mind that not all was are ready to be used in the TRLE/NGLE!)

- Individual objects (remade) from the original TR games
- Custom objects.

- Several usefull TRLE/TRNG related tools, like STRPix, Editwad, TRLE Sound Editor, etc.

Titak 13-11-17 16:15


Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 1 (38Mb).
TR1 Audio

Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 2 (40.4Mb).
TR2 Audio

Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 3 (86.8Mb).
TR3 Audio

Audio tracks from Tomb Raider 5 (69.7Mb).
TR5 Audio

Other sites where you can download music legally:


Tomb Raider 1
TR1 Samples
- This is the full set of TR1 wav samples in TRLE samples format, so ready to use. (2Mb)
- Provided by AODfan

Tomb Raider 2
TR2 Samples
- This is the full set of TR2 wav samples in TR2 samples format. (13Mb)
- The files are numbered, but there a tr2wavs.txt included, teliing you which files is which sfx ingame.
- I found this on my HD but couldn't find out who provided it in the first place...

Tomb Raider 3
TR3 Samples
- This is practically the full set of TR3 samples, put together by EssGee. Many thanks EssGee for this invaluable TR Level Builders resource (10Mb).
- They're fully compatible with TR4 Engine and msfx tool (Created by Turbo Pascal) is used to generate the main.sfx files for TR3 & TR3 Gold.
- Provided by Suikaze Raider who used the Leaked TR4 & TR5 PSX Development Files Information as reference to recreate them

Tomb Raider 5
- They use TR5 Samples Format (Different from the TR4 one), including TR5 sounds.txt
- Provided by Suikaze Raider who used the Leaked TR4 & TR5 PSX Development Files Information as reference to recreate them

- Default TRLE format, including TR5 sounds.txt
- Provided by Suikaze Raider who used the Leaked TR4 & TR5 PSX Development Files Information as reference to recreate them

Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness
AOD Samples and Audio Library
- Samples and Audio from the Angel of Darkness game.
- They are in the original AoD samples and audio format, so they need to be converted to the proper TRLE format when you want to use them as samples with the TRLE.
- package provided by Zreen.

Tomb Raider Legend
Legend Samples Library
- Samples from the Tomb Raider Legend game, provided by Boobandie. (55Mb)

Tomb Raider Underworld
Underworld Samples
- Samples from the Tomb Raider Underworld game. (351Mb)
- Can't remember who ripped the fsb files which contain the samples, but I (Titak) extracted them from those fsb files.
- They are in the original TRU samples format, so they need to be converted to the proper TRLE format when you want to use them as samples with the TRLE.

Other sound sites:
- this link specifically links to a Soundsnap page with Ancient & Medieval Game Sounds.

Titak 13-11-17 16:16


Fluen has ripped all the animations from the cutscenes from Tomb Raider's 1 through 3 and packaged them up for download (4.3Mb).
Cutscene Animations

Custom animations

Monkey to overhead ladder
Made by Krystian

Download: Ladder to overhead ladder
Installations instructions are included in the download.

Titak 13-11-17 16:17


Classic TR Textures
- A package containing all the level textures from TR1, 2, 3 + the Gold (expansion) levels. They are .tga in 64x64 format, no filtering and with the correct transparency color. So they are ready to use.
- Provided by Danath

- This is the complete package of textures formerly hosted on Skribblerz.
- The package contains 128x128 textures of the TR1 - TR5 games, as well as from AoD, TRL, TRA and TRU.
- The package also contains textures from some custom levels that were hosted at Skribblerz.

Guardian of Light Textures
- A package containing all the level textures from the Lara Croft - Guardian of Light game. They are in .tga format, original size.

Custom Textures

Originally Posted by -Brutus- (Post 7817610)
A year ago I made some animated shield textures, because I was trying to replicate the shields from Halo.
Maybe you guys can find a use for them.

http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/trle-...s/Shield_1.gif http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/trle-...s/Shield_2.gif http://titak.tombraiderhub.com/trle-...s/Shield_3.gif

The textures are 128x128 and have 16 frames each. They are tileable and seamless.

Cave textures by Munin Raven:
Syrian cave textures

Water caves textures

External texturesites

- A very very elaborate texture library!



Originally Posted by LeelooBastet (Post 7809581)
I found brushes that can be used to create cool stuffs like cowebs, cracks and so on...

Here for Photoshop : https://redheadstock.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0
Here for Gimp : https://project-gimpbc.deviantart.com/gallery/

A website with all sorts of stuff, like Sprites, Textures, Sounds and 3D Models.


Originally Posted by LeelooBastet (Post 7810969)
Hi :)
Found this



Spacescape is a free tool for creating space skyboxes with stars and nebulas.


Titak 13-11-17 16:18


All the files you need from the original Angkor Wat level of The Last Revelation are included in this download (3.3Mb).
Angkor Wat wad

All the resources of the Lost Library and the Guardian of Semerket levels are here with instructions included (12.3Mb).
Library Wad

Copy all of the files into your Wads folder in your trle root folder to enable all Lara's animations in every WAD (11.2Mb).
Revised Wads

All the objects from Tomb Raiders 1-5. They are not all ready to use as they are ripped into random slots. This WAD resource is more for object makers (108Mb)
TR1-5 Wads

Titak 13-11-17 16:42

Individual objects from the TR games and custom made objects.

Sliding elevator door


Remember the double slamming doors in TR1-TR3?
When you have a close look at those in WADMerger Animation Editor, you'll see that they are not really sliding straight in and out of the wall.
A_De found a way to make the doors slide straight in and out of the walls and kindly released the object. :D
Sliding Elevator Doors

This file contaisn TR1, TR3 and TR4 Lara models assembled to use with Blender.
These assembled models can be used for making custom outfits.

Titak 13-11-17 17:05


The original Tomb Raider Level Editor (the TRLE) was released by Core in 2000. The TRLE was the Level Editor Core used to make The Last Revelation.
When installing the Tomb Raider Level Editor, select Custom Install and uncheck the DirectX7 box. If you try to install DirectX7, Windows will chuck out a serious error message due to trying to install an old version of Direct X (176Mb).

In early 2008, Paolone released a new Tomb Raider Level Editor, the Next Generation Level Editor (the NGLE).
Version is the version that does not use the TRNG engine yet, so this version can be used together with TREP.

TRNG stands for Tomb Raider Next Generation. It is a combination of NGLE (updated level editor) and the updated engine.
It has a lot more posibilities than just the TRLE or NGLE, in both graphics/effects and gameplay.
You can download it at Paolone's homepage: TRNG
Note 1:
MK4 is TRNG version
If you want to use version you have to install the "trng installer" after installing MK4.
After that you can download and install the most recent version But in order to be able to use you do need to have installed since also contains an update for NG-Center!
Note 2:
We have a whole forum section dedicated to TRNG. If you are using TRNG, it is best to your questions in there.

Object editing and texturing tool of the 'absolutely can't live without' type. You can also Import and export texture bmp's as well as dxf files.
This original tool was built by Turbo Pascal who later released the source code (308Kb).
STRPix 11

This updated version of Strpix was developed by Sapper from the original tool by Turbo Pascal.
There have been many feature changes and new feature additions.
For more information read the documentation included in the download (703Kb).
STRPix 17

EditWad is an object and WAD editing tool by Sapper, which makes all your object editing much easier and more fun.
Documentation included (10.1Mb).
EditWad 1.4

Fexinspect allows you to open and inspect compiled Tomb Raider level so can see how objects are placed and how things are used in game (833Kb).

This is SFX Manager v3.0 by Magplus (Pascal Ducey). Instructions and version updates are included in the readme in the download (14.4Mb).
SFX Manager 3

TBuilder by Iceberg will take care of all your texture set building needs.
This latest version has had the number of vertical pages increased from 32 to 64 (477Kb)

Screamer by Leperk will create new sounds.txt files and output new .sam and .sfx files for your wad.
Read the tutorials to lean how to use it (175Kb).
Note: this tool does not work on 64bit systems.

TRLE Sound Editor by Sapper will edit edit/create sounds.txt and create SFX and SAM files, but cannot create SFX or SAM files for v130 WADs (5.75Mb).
TRLE Sound Editor

TR2Wad by Michiel will rip objects, textures and sound samples from TR4 files.
It will work fine on XP and Win 7 running in compatibility mode (175Kb).

Brilliant patch by Larson 08 that will allow you to hold down the middle mouse button and pan your rooms around (16Kb).

TRW Animation Utilities
WADMerger allows you to export/import animations for Lara and other objects to .trw format. With these utilities you can edit these .twr files. You can for example, easily mirror animations with it.
Download "Animtools.zip"

TR Player
This little tool lets you fly through levels for inspection.
Download "TR Player.rar"

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