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James_Rutland 28-02-19 11:02

Name the 4th game
When Tomb Raider makes it's return whenever in the next few years, what can you imagine it being called?

I'd like

Tomb Raider: Legacy

Vaskito 28-02-19 11:10

Hallow of the Tomb Raider

Vindication of the Tomb Raider


Tomb Raider: Book of the Dead

Tomb Raider: The Eye of Horus

Tomb Raider: Sphinx

Avalon SARL 28-02-19 11:14

Tomb Raider: Amelia Croft's Diaries

You are NOT GONNA Stop Hearing about Lara's Parents that easily :ton:

Yeauxleaux 28-02-19 11:16

Feathers of The Tomb Raider

Avalon SARL 28-02-19 11:18


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 8048742)
Feathers of The Tomb Raider


Maybe Tomb Raider: Lara Croft's Fashion Show

Vaskito 28-02-19 11:20

Tomb Raider: Midas Touch

Tomb Raider: Chimaera

Tomb Raider: The Rise of Cerberus

Tomb Raider: The Book of Pegasus

Tomb Raider: Aegis

MissJodieG 28-02-19 11:27

Grace of the Tomb Raider
Revision of the Tomb Raider
Bloodline of the Tomb Raider

I dunno, I just hope that they keep on working with the „of the Tomb Raider“ formula.

TR1249 28-02-19 11:29

Urine of the Tomb Raider

MissJodieG 28-02-19 11:30


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8048750)
Urine of the Tomb Raider


paulojr_mam 28-02-19 11:43

Tomb Raider Discovery
Tomb Raider Expeditions
Tomb Raider Undiscovered
Tomb Raider Not Origins Anymore

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