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Valentino 25-05-13 22:49

Did anyone else feel they ruined Chloe's looks a bit in U3? She's my favorite character. I loved her nose in U2 but they made it more curved in U3. Thats the reason I loved her character design. They didn't design her like everryyyyy other female character. I loved her slightly bumpy nose, it made her more sexy. Have no idea why they needed to change it in U3.

xLara_Nathanx 25-05-13 22:55

Yeah she's way more attractive in Uncharted 2 imo. Her whole face is better. She's not ugly in Uncharted 3, though.

larafan25 25-05-13 23:06

Uh, yes. Chloe was so perfect in UC2. She was this greasy goblin girl who was so cool. :(

xLara_Nathanx 25-05-13 23:09

I knowww I liked her so much more in Uncharted 2... I loved how she randomly showed up and pushed Nate in the bed. ''You don't get to be jealous!''

She was so awesome. x_x

larafan25 25-05-13 23:12

Women rule Nate's world, tbh.

Tyrannosaurus 26-05-13 00:01

What's your favorite Uncharted game? Uncharted 2. It was a vast improvement from the first game; better balanced in combat and exploration, a fun story with a satisfying finale, better graphics and atmosphere, and it had some beautiful locales and interesting characters. In some ways, it felt more like the true successor to Tomb Raider than the latest Tomb Raider game did.

Uncharted 3 had a great story and started off pretty well, but the second half of the game devolved into one long and endless battle after another.

Who's your favorite character? The series has many strong characters to choose from, which is great, but my favorite is probably Chloe. I always love a girl who is wise enough to resolve sexual tension first, and worry about the rest later.

Who's your favorite villain? Zoran Lazarević, from Uncharted 2. He was a nasty piece of work, and unlike the other Smug Snake types found in the series, you know he was playing for keeps.

What's your favorite action sequence? While I thought the third game was uneven, I enjoyed some of the chases, such as the sequences involving the horse riding in the desert and the ordeal with the plane. Also, the train sequence in Uncharted 2, and the opening of that game.

What do you want for Uncharted 4? Keep Chloe and Cutter. In fact, a spin off game for either might be awesome. Also, a cover system like the one in TR2013 would be a vast improvement over the nonsense we have now.

And for the love of God, a lower enemy count! I hear an Uncharted movie is in the works. If that movie were actually true to the sheer body count of any Uncharted game, it would play like a war movie instead of the light-hearted action/adventure romp it's supposed to be. It's only tolerable in Uncharted 2 because the designers' use of the F.E.C.A.L. (Forced Endless Combat Adds Length) system is more flexible than before.

Tommy123 26-05-13 00:39

What's your favorite Uncharted game?
Uncharted 2

Who's your favorite character?
Tbh i love all of them
Who's your favorite villain?
The old chick in the third game (forgot her name)
What's your favorite action sequence? (Uncharted 2 train sequence for example)
Probably the sinking ship
What do you want for Uncharted 4?
I want Elena to FINALLY put her hair down
Lots of Chloe
More populated city levels
change the layout and by this i mean that uncharted 2/3 followed basically the same path and were organized the same. Bring some new direction.

larafan25 26-05-13 00:44

Yeah, new story-layout is a must, mix it up a bit ND.

Also, Elena could have the best spin off ever. As mentioned earlier.

Niveus 26-05-13 00:51


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 6799261)
Also, Elena could have the best spin off ever. As mentioned earlier.

Oh god don't. I'm just imaging plotlines now...
This needs to happen ND.

larafan25 26-05-13 00:52


Originally Posted by Niveus (Post 6799263)
Oh god don't. I'm just imaging plotlines now...
This needs to happen ND.

Just Awesome UC1-era Elena and her camera, getting into trouble.

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