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Luka_Aveiro 01-07-08 19:45


This one made me laugh so hard :D


KC Mraz 01-07-08 20:06


Aww :o. We are laughing with Underpus, not at him :hug:.

]{eith 01-07-08 21:29

Well Underpus got the last laugh:


KC Mraz 01-07-08 21:52

^ ROTFLMAOWPIMP!! :vlol::vlol::vlol:

Bumio 01-07-08 22:12



Rivendell 01-07-08 22:15

[QUOTE=']{eith;2830172']Well Underpus got the last laugh:

LMAO! :vlol:

Danath 01-07-08 22:18

Hahaha seducing Tomb Raiders since 1969.... :vlol::vlol:

thevman 01-07-08 22:20

[QUOTE=']{eith;2830172']Well Underpus got the last laugh:


[size=6][color=purple][b][u]PIMP-PUS![/u][/b][/color][/size] [img][/img]

]{eith 01-07-08 22:31

That's revolting! You lot should be ashamed of yourselves!!

KC Mraz 02-07-08 09:35

ZOMG!. Underpus is into politics! :eek:


[SIZE=2](Made it using [URL=""][/URL][/SIZE])

Does he have your vote? ;)

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