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Dermahn 05-08-20 18:59

A friend of mine and I had the same issue. We never found a fix for it :o
I ended up using the default tomb3 game to play it but I had edit some of the levels to make it playable. The submarines in Sleeping With the Fishes move too fast to get one of the secrets so I had to use FexInspect to move it allll the way back. I also had to get rid of the Sophia fight by putting her in the pit because she was impossible to kill.

Oddly, on my current machine (which also runs Win10) the game works fine :ponder:

Sardoc 06-08-20 01:00

Yea, none of the proposed solutions worked. I suspect it has to be some driver or some compatibility change in Win 10 which I haven't found yet.

Shame, cos it's a new machine, and modern games run very well so far. It's the older games that so far have been really iffy.

SophieAyase 06-08-20 03:42

It sounds like the menu file itself (title.tr2) might be corrupted.

Sardoc 06-08-20 08:35

I don't think it is corrupted. It's exactly the same as the one on the CD (I've hex-compared them), plus as I've said, all of this worked absolutely fine on the old PC with Win 7.

I was doing some research on Win 10 compatibility, because I also have a problem with TR2 not loading the libs required for the audio solution to work. If I rename Tomb2.exe to anything else (Game.exe for example), suddenly the .dll files load and the game works perfectly fine. Maybe there's some built-in database which identifies programs/games by name, and applies some pre-defined settings?

Unfortunately changing the name doesn't do the trick for TLA. Still crashes as soon as the menu loads.

tomblover 06-08-20 13:28

If deleting the config file doesn't do anything - try running the game with dgVoodoo?

I use dgVoodoo along with Arsunt's .exe patch, and the game works a treat for me...

ackamonk 06-08-20 17:10

Had exactly the same problem and nothing I tried worked, ended up using my Steam tomb3.exe to play it. Worked fine but I did have to use downloaded savegames to get past the sub in SWTF and to deal with Sophia.

Sardoc 06-08-20 18:02

I'm using DgVoodoo already and have been for the last couple of years, but even if I disable it, the problem still occurs.

Well, will keep digging in the next couple of days. I'll probably dig deep enough to get to China.

Sardoc 07-08-20 20:05

I've tested Arsunt's patch for TR2, and I gotta say I'm really impressed. Everything works fine: the music, the aspect ratio, the HP and air bars are scaling correctly... Everything is smooth, no need for dgVoodoo, no crashes even on Win 10.

I hope he does the same for the other TRs, because this is lovely!

Unfortunately still no good news for TR3 TLA.

ATombRaiderFan 08-08-20 10:34

^ TR2Main is indeed impressive. I read that Arsunt will be working on TR1 and TR3 next. So that's something to look forward to :o

laravision 08-08-20 15:47

If the crashes still occur after trying all the usual steps (config.txt placement, avoiding program files/bypassing VirtualStore, using Arsunt's exe, running the setup etc), then try setting WinXP compatibility mode with a fresh launch of the game (without config.txt present). Once the config.txt file has generated, you can try turning off WinXP compatibility. I guess you could also try with an existing config.txt being present should one not generate, although I assume you already have.

If crashes still persist, another thing you could try is using DxWnd. This helped a streamer who was experiencing menu crashes with this game.

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