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jonathanrij 08-12-17 22:10

Tomb Raider 3 ECTS 1998 Demo
The levels showcased below are from a demo build demonstrated at ECTS in 1998, which is not publicly available so far. This is a very strange build, because it appears to be using outdated project files (in at least a few levels), with many rooms, portals and triggers missing. This may be misleading if you look strictly at the build date, but it does give great insight in how some of the levels looked much earlier in development. Furthermore, many of the sound effects are from TR2.

Area 51:

Area 51 in this demo is quite similar to the public Area 51 demos, but the level starts off in a different cell area and has ambience music from the offshore levels in TR2. Another notable change is at 2:21, where there is supposed to be a switch that opens two lower gates in the room below, but instead there is only a pushable block below that needs to be moved to access the medipack. Also, there are slightly different item placements and some guards appear to be missing. There may be other subtle changes.

Archived footage can be found here (from 7:38 - 10:02).

All Hallows:

All Hallows has quite a lot of substantial differences, with a few areas that got completely removed from the final level. It's shocking how big this level was originally intended to be. There's a lot of unfinished connectors and smaller placeholder rooms too. There are some elements that ended up making it in other levels, most notably the basement area, which ultimately got moved to Thames Wharf. An example of a deleted area is the lift section near the end of the video.

Lost City of Tinnos:

A few interesting differences here and there, including a slightly plainer and slimmer looking outfit, TR2 rolling blades instead of swinging burners, and scattered masks over the floor in the main mask injection room.

Thames Wharf:

A look at the cathedral section of an early but very stripped down Thames Wharf.

Greatest TR 08-12-17 22:23

I can't remember if Lara can do front roll while she prone in public demo. I notice electric spark on track is missing in this build, I wonder if you can activate the fly cheat in this build. I know it's work in the public demo

Not much difference but good video

Woops 08-12-17 22:35


jonathanrij 08-12-17 23:25

Gh0stBlade asked me to share the following poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14579000

In this poll you can indicate which location in this particular demo you would like to see next. From the location with the most votes, one level will be selected, which will be shown in the next video.

I think this is a great initiative, due to the way it involves the community, so that chances of disappointment with the final decision will be minimal. I definitely have my choice ready.

Greatest TR 09-12-17 01:11

London next.

FreakRaider 09-12-17 09:58

is it just me or does she have different footstep sounds there?

Caesum 09-12-17 10:12

Footsteps are the same, it's just that there are no metal/wood/etc sounds so Lara always plays default stone sound sample.

The only difference in sound department that I hear is the use of TR2 sounds.

Lwmte 09-12-17 10:26

Small switch sound is different (I wonder why they cut that, it's much better than "stony" sound used with large switches), also there's some extra Lara grunt/smash sounds... Also I don't recognize shotgun sound and menu sounds. Holster and pistol sounds are a bit different, but possibly it's because of different compression, or maybe they were EQed.

TR-Freak 09-12-17 10:38

The Shotgun also has a different Sound.
Lara's sounds are also different when she hits a wall or when she climbs up or touches an enemy.

thewolf 09-12-17 11:08

Pistol sounds are different and you can see which item you've picked up + it's rotating like in TR4. Also the lasers are missing at the beginning that the guard should activate. :ponder:

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