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stohrendorf 13-01-21 21:12

CroftEngine project
CroftEngine (formerly known as EdisonEngine)
So, just another fan engine arrived... It started as a fork of OpenTomb but became pretty much a separate and very distinct engine afterwards. (You can find everything here: https://github.com/stohrendorf/CroftEngine)

The goal is to replicate the original TR1 engine as close as possible, while fixing bugs (except those bugs that became features).

The current state is that it's fully playable. There's still some minor things to do that are not related to gameplay.

Graphics are basically done, yet there is some room for minor refinement.

Non-gameplay related things, i.e. savegames, settings, and all the other stuff not related to playing the levels, is 99% done.

To play it, follow the instructions in the readme as it can be seen here: https://github.com/stohrendorf/CroftEngine or read the user's manual here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iRz...wfApWhDoN/view.

Native Controller Support

Native Glidos Texture Pack Support

Easy Setup Wizard

Customisable Graphics

Extensive Statistics

New Immersive Water

Ghosts - Race Against Yourself!

TR-Freak 14-01-21 03:20

Fascinating :jmp:
It looks like it behaves 1:1 like TR1

New Dwight 14-01-21 03:36

This is amazing! I love the workflow and excellency in execution. :tmb:

vvsgh 14-01-21 11:01

Hi, Steffen!

It's good to see you again :) I'm also glad that somebody is still working on TR1 engine.

I believe that only you and Gh0stBlade are still looking for faithful re-implementation of the original engine.

stohrendorf 24-01-21 18:10

Thank you for your feedback so far. I'm not checking here that often, but I've got some valuable responses on discord so far from the few people who actually tested the engine. This led to a series of new tickets in the github issue tracker, of which most are already resolved, and as a side effect led to improvements across the engine. I'm now putting up compiled binaries on github whenever I think it could be worth checking it again. Unfortunately, I can't fix issues I'm not aware of, so a lack of testers doesn't really help in that regard. So you might want to check out the releases once in a while: https://github.com/stohrendorf/EdisonEngine/releases


Cochrane 25-01-21 22:36

Oh, I remember this from back in the day. And I remember me being an uninformed asshole about some OpenTomb design decision and arguing quite a lot back thenů sorry about that. Great to see you and this project are still around! Greetings from 52074.

stohrendorf 13-02-21 20:14

Thanks :)

While I'm not too active here, alpha-2 has been released on github, with an updated gameplay video.


griffabee 13-02-21 20:56

The hi-res texturing is looking brilliant!

-Roli- 13-02-21 21:02

One word: STUNNING! :jmp:

stohrendorf 18-08-21 06:54

Quick notice, the beta is to be expected within 2 weeks, this is a short gameplay video of what to expect: https://earvillage.net/2021-08-18%2004-53-02.mp4

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