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stohrendorf 28-01-22 18:57

Beta 13 will be the first release that officially allows to complete the game. You can watch a 4 hour stream of an experienced TR1 player (liinx86) playing and completing it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1277823681

stohrendorf 16-03-22 20:15

I don't like double-posting, but this is just to inform people that I'm nearing a first release. The OP was updated with recent screenshots, and nearly all of the things I have left in the issue tracker are rather "nice to have" than show blockers. I'm feeling very excited about this after all these years I worked on this.

MigMarado 17-03-22 08:43

This sounds amazing! Congratulations for this achievement and thank you for all the hard work :jmp:

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