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b122251 19-05-21 09:57

The Lost Artifact PS1 Conversion
Hi everybody,
I'm pleased to announce Tomb Raider: The Lost Artifact for the Playstation.
This is a project I have been working on for many months now, and the project is
nearing completion. I usually don't make announcements of my projects, but I
know that a lot of you have been hoping for a PS1 version of this game for a
long time. So for now, have some screenshots.

Felix Kroft 19-05-21 10:45


TheBlueFox 19-05-21 11:08

This is a truly amazing work, congratulations! :)
I'm wondering how could you convert Zoo.tr2, since the file is around 4mb...

Are you using the same mesh and floor data compression that you used in TR2 GM port? Also, Is the format very different? I'm intrigued.

Greenapple968 19-05-21 11:24

I've never played any of the golds but the images look very good, impressive work. :tmb:

CircusBabysGal 19-05-21 12:21

Omg Omg Omg Yesss! This is a perfect way to preserve TLA!

jonson 19-05-21 13:25

Nice! I think the TR3 The Lost Artefakt levels are even better than some of the main TR3 levels. Definitely one of my favorite parts of TR Classic! I am looking forward for your PSX port.

laracroftswest 19-05-21 13:34

Yesssssss!! This is so exciting.

Guy N. Cognito 19-05-21 14:08

Oh my God! Good job, man.
Now we're complete :D

xdesperado_ 19-05-21 14:44

This is fantastic news, great work! :jmp:

I have to admit I never got to experience TLA in full, I only played the Highland Fling PC demo many years ago.

Teeth 19-05-21 18:00

Very nice work :D

I want to play this now just for the added challenge of getting through the whole thing with save crystals.

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