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ErickASJ 13-03-22 18:49

Edison Engine?
Greetings, guys.
Browsing the page that PCGamingWiki has dedicated to Tomb Raider, I found the solutions that exist to play this game on new systems: Tomb1Main, TombATI, and one that jumped out at me that I didn't know about, the EdisonEngine, from Steffen Ohrendorf.
This claims to be a reverse engineer of the executable distributed on Steam, running directly with OpenGL.
The visual result is not very different from Tomb1Main, with the difference of adding effects that could hypothetically be obtained through SweetFX or something else. But what really stands out for me is the inclusion of a control scheme identical to the original PSX version and surround sound via OpenAL (positional audio is vastly improved, I think I've noticed occlusion and obstruction effects). It has been very pleasant to run and listen to the classic wolves, bats and bears chasing me.
I had some graphical issues, it seems due to my graphics card. Maybe it runs better in yours. I leave the GitHub repository link, in case you are interested.


ANoDE 13-03-22 20:59

Hi Erick!

Thanks for bringing this to more people's attention! There's already a thread about this (by the author himself) in the Software Development section:


I've played a few levels with it, and it seems like a very nice implementation. Definitely one to check out, if you want an experience close to the original.

stohrendorf 13-03-22 23:55


Originally Posted by ErickASJ (Post 8346574)
Greetings, guys.
I had some graphical issues, it seems due to my graphics card.

What issues did you have?

ErickASJ 14-03-22 03:39


Originally Posted by stohrendorf (Post 8346613)
What issues did you have?

I was already oriented on the Github site. I want to believe it was you.The textures of various objects and effects in real time appeared corrupted and pixelated. A very strange thing. I was suggested to try different driver versions for my video card, after that was pointed out that my card had a history of being problematic.

stohrendorf 16-03-22 18:53

Yeah, that was me. Sorry to give you the bad news about your graphics card. I'm always eager to fix bugs in the engine, but unfortunately this is not within my control.

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