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Afonya 09-09-12 10:38

There has been a lot in my mind lately, but right now I feel sad because my grandma is in the hospital and the doctors think she might have a lung cancer. :/ Granny has always lived a healthy life (she has only smoked cigarettes over 35 years ago and not for so long anyway) and she has other serious illnesses and had a skin cancer too...I feel so sorry for her. She's so caring person and she has to deal with things like this... I know that it doesn't matter how healthy lifestyle one might have, suffering is part of life....unfortunately.

scion05 09-09-12 10:40

This thread idea is miles better :tmb:

I'm feeling a bit flat... tired and can't really get any "get up and go" today... which is rubbish as I'm supposed to be going for a really long walk this afternoon. Urgh.

Rai 09-09-12 10:41


Originally Posted by BrandonFlowers (Post 6425424)
But this idea of combining the mood threads is....stupid.


Originally Posted by b0bb13 (Post 6425385)
I'm feeling angry. Why? Because this is a terrible idea. I need them moods neatly organized, not all mushed together in one big mess.

Well, the 'Your Mood' thread was successful way before all the others came along and it covered everything. But it was pretty old, this thread is a fresh start :). Also, it keeps things more organised to have the moods in one place rather than scattered all over. And there's usually a reason why you have that mood/feeling and some people asked members' why they felt a certain way anyway, so it makes perfect sense to keep it all together.

I'm glad I got that off my chest. I feel better now :p.

JsotoTRSaga 09-09-12 10:42


Originally Posted by Reggie (Post 6425421)
This thread makes me happy ;)


MiCkiZ88 09-09-12 10:45

A wild range of mixed emotions right now. I'm in love with someone but it feels like I'm repeating the past. Waiting kills me but atleast I have a job and will be able to save few grands before I move back to Netherlands.

strawberry22 09-09-12 10:49


Originally Posted by BrandonFlowers (Post 6425424)
But this idea of combining the mood threads is....stupid.

We finally agree on something! :jmp: :hug:

Orionvalentine 09-09-12 11:48

I feel surprisingly chirpy today, don't ask me why, because that'd be silly :ton:

Laras Boyfr. 09-09-12 12:04

Emotions are so complex not even the existing threads could cover them all.
Putting them all in one single thread is just... cold

Carbonek_0051 09-09-12 12:05

Depressed. I have been fighting emotions and trying to move towards being happy but I just can't. I feel like everything is getting worse.

I started talking to my best friend again after some awful events happened between us and we have been talking a lot lately about our feelings towards each other and I don't understand why after everything he has put me through I still love him. I feel like he is the only thing that keeps me going now.

I've lost too many friends in the past few months, but no matter what **** we go through he can't let me go. He told me on the phone tonight, "I know that no matter how ****ty I feel, or if I feel alone, just talking to you makes me feel better and if it wasn't for you I probably would have done something stupid a long time ago". Hearing that made me so happy but sad at the same time, I don't want to feel like I am going to go back to a horrible situation but I can't let him go either.

Anyway, no1curr bout my issues. This thread is pretty lame though, the mood thread should have at least been kept open.

Sgt BOMBULOUS 09-09-12 12:15

Wow, you closed the "Your mood" thread?!? You should have let it get to 50k posts first. :p I honestly think that should have stayed open, if nothing other than it's lasting legacy, the fact that it's title got right to the point.

Anyway... I'm feeling tired and a little stressed. Might be contending with a newborn baby, and a move, and a new job, all within a very short timeline.

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