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peeves 20-09-12 19:49

Happy now that I'm alone. :D

Xico15 20-09-12 22:39

I'm a bit tired now... came back from hospital during morning...

SeanCordernay 20-09-12 23:12

A little more at ease now considering I got most of my classes.

Greenapple968 20-09-12 23:18


Originally Posted by peeves (Post 6443147)
Happy now that I'm alone. :D

Being alone isn't always great.

just*raidin*tomb 20-09-12 23:49

I have a small headache, but other than that I'm okay.

Rai 20-09-12 23:51

Fed up - for a few reasons.

trlestew 21-09-12 00:16


Originally Posted by lara c. fan (Post 6443019)
Tired, tired tired tired tired but I've got chemistry homework to do and oh god physics ahggghghfhgh

But... physics is awesome. :(
Chemistry was good, too. Unless it's some college level chemistry. Then I can't help.

peeves 21-09-12 12:50

Tired since i went to bed late last night after staying up to watch Halloween 5.

BrandonFlowers 21-09-12 14:05


Originally Posted by Greenapple968 (Post 6443437)
Being alone isn't always great.

Depends what you want to do when you're alone.

I'm sleepy, but otherwise fabulous.

Vinkula 21-09-12 14:12

Excited :P Interesting evening coming.

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