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Johnnay 09-12-10 00:38


Originally Posted by Isaac (Post 5037357)
December udpate.

Looking hot there:D...

Originally Posted by Reggie (Post 5047226)
I usually post pics of myself in MGC but I'll add one here as well for a change. :)

And yes, it was a good night. :p

Nice Pic Tom... i hope you didnt get drunk though mate:D


Originally Posted by BoyTRaider (Post 5049407)
Typical cliché mirror/cell picture. Hopefully there's no problem showing upper chest on the thread. I changed some workout routines to work better on that. I used to be pretty flimsy. Hah And it's been a minute since I got a haircut - must get onto that asap.

*me likes your body so much*:p

i just have to say you look sexy thats all Matheus:D..... maybe more than that though:ton:


Originally Posted by Los Angeles (Post 5057677)

you look grown up there.. nice pics:)

Catapharact 09-12-10 01:47

Just adding on the B&W portrait theme.


CAISACO 09-12-10 02:04

nice pics:)

braids!!! :P

Ikas90 09-12-10 02:32

^ Long time no see. Looking gorgeous. :D

And Katafarakt. Lookin' smooth. :cool:

Admles 09-12-10 03:50


Originally Posted by CAISACO (Post 5058667)

DAMN, you're GORGEOUS girl :cln:

Catapharact 09-12-10 13:47


Originally Posted by Ikas90 (Post 5058732)

And Katafarakt. Lookin' smooth. :cool:


Did I say that right?

cezy rockeru 09-12-10 14:24

I wanted to post a picture here but..I kinda changed my mind:p
but I think you'll see me soon with a Christmas hat:mis:

maniakatosheto 09-12-10 14:40

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-..._4327312_n.jpg Shexness :vlol: i was trying to make the mirror's edge symbol on my eye and failed 10 times :d
me drawing

cezy rockeru 09-12-10 14:45

congratulations,they're twins!:p

maniakatosheto 09-12-10 14:46

trully :vlol:

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