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xXhayleyroxXx 26-01-11 12:21


Originally Posted by Lara Croft! (Post 5175744)
Hayley Pretty as always!

Thanks sweetie :gki: :hug: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mikky 26-01-11 16:48

I don't know who's cuter: Mel or the cat... =/

Melonie Tomb Raider 26-01-11 18:03


Originally Posted by Zayr Croft (Post 5175628)
:cln::cln: Your Pretty :o

Aww, thank you. :o :hug: :hug:


Originally Posted by Lara Croft! (Post 5175744)
Mel, your cat looks like it's serving the evil lord. That look... :D You of course look amazing!

haha yes, he was SO mad. :vlol: Cole Train doesn't like to be held or made to stay still for anything more than a second, and it's hilarious how he makes mean faces when he is angry. lol!!


Originally Posted by Mikky (Post 5176212)
I don't know who's cuter: Mel or the cat... =/

Awww :o :hug:

Mikky 26-01-11 19:37

Since Mel posted a picture of her with her cat...



Tombraiderx08 26-01-11 19:45

D'aw! :cln: very nice pic, nice smile ;)

Mikky 26-01-11 19:47


Originally Posted by Tombraiderx08 (Post 5176627)
D'aw! :cln: very nice pic, nice smile ;)

You're just saying that cuz we share a bed... :pi:

Tombraiderx08 26-01-11 19:48

You do have a nice smile, AND we share a bed :ohn:

Evan C. 26-01-11 20:25

You guys look so, so amazing.Seriously there's such a variety of good looking persons!

This is a very casual one, not sure if I posted it before but the only think I like about it's the small shine on my lip, because my face is really defensive and my eyes have tears about to come, nothing special or I don't remember if something particular happened.Anyway, that's me :o


Lukass 26-01-11 22:10

Evan C ! :yik::gki:

I love you :cln::cln::cln:

Tombraiderx08 26-01-11 22:16

:cln:, er, I mean... smile :D

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