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ELEN 16-05-19 16:11


Originally Posted by Catapharact (Post 8052590)
Finally, it stopped snowing! I think we broke a record this year by having three snow storms in the same month. We need a bit of break from all the snow.


Well, hello :jmp::gki:

Catapharact 16-05-19 21:46


Originally Posted by ELEN (Post 8089606)
Well, hello :jmp::gki:

Well, hey right back at ya stranger :D. Been a while Elen!

ELEN 18-05-19 14:51

Quite busy the past 10 years :p
How are you hon?

Catapharact 19-05-19 03:50


Originally Posted by ELEN (Post 8090161)
Quite busy the past 10 years :p
How are you hon?

You can never be too busy for the forums :p. Offer your soul to it!

Been good. Just busy as usual much like yourself :p; Attention divided between work and life.

Hey, Stay tuned on the forums in June; I will posting pictures from my Cross Canada Motorcycle trip :D. Should be fun!

Evan C. 19-05-19 19:30



ozzman 20-05-19 13:49

^ lovely like always !

i was a tad drunk when this was taken :vlol:

and with the best friends

AmericanAssassin 20-05-19 13:53

Looking good, everybody! It's nice to see there are still some familiar faces around here. :D


Hyper_Crazy 20-05-19 14:03

^ Ew, get your face out of here. Still as handsome as ever 😘😘😘

AmericanAssassin 20-05-19 14:03


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 8090816)
^ Ew, get your face out of here. 😘😘😘


Lyle Croft 20-05-19 16:57

Ozzman: Super cute!! Awe

AmericanAssassin: Hello...are you Lara Croft? Because I....

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