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Neteru 05-02-09 03:39

Which song are you currently listening to? III
It seems a new thread with a fresh reminder is in order.

What the purpose of this thread is.

To share taste in music and spark discussion by detailing some of the songs you might be listening to at a given time. This would generally mean perhaps posting a couple of times in any given day, simply to state what you're listening to in order to encourage such discussion. There is no general limit on other posts which form part of a discussion about any particular artist or song (as long as such posts are not repeated and simple comments that actually don't offer much by way of discussion. That is, don't spend your time commenting on every other poster to the simple effect of 'yeah, that's a cool song' or such like. Again, this offers nothing to a discussion and falls well within the realms of spam).

What the purpose of this thread is not.

To serve as a vehicle for members to post their entire play list all day, every day by simply posting a song title and artist every few minutes. Such posting is spam and generally contributes little to nothing to the thread. Neither is it an excuse to keep listing the same song that you might have a particular obsession with and listen to often. Yes, we know you like it, but we don't need you to keep telling us that you are listening to it yet again. This offers nothing to discussion. Similarly, if there is an already existent thread on a particular artist, that thread is more appropriate for discussion on that artist than this one.

Listing every track that you are listening to from an artist's album as and when it plays in your playlist. It is sufficient to simply state the album you are listening to.

Previous thread can be found here:


Lenochka 05-02-09 03:40

ooo, a new thread :O
It's even got that fresh new thread smell xD


How Deep Is Your Love - The Bird and The Bee

M.A. 05-02-09 03:45

Sara Bareillis - Gravity

Carbonek_0051 05-02-09 03:47

This Love, This Hate - Hollywood Undead


AmericanAssassin 05-02-09 03:52

Repo! The Genetic Opera - Blame Not My Cheeks

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm1KBvan7YY&hmt=18 :mis:

Carbonek_0051 05-02-09 04:39

Фанатка - tema


Ikas90 05-02-09 04:43

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah

@Neteru: Could you leave a link to the previous thread aswell please? :)

KurtisLonely 05-02-09 05:16

Evanescence - Anything for you

love it! :tmb:

now listening: Lady GaGa

Fish. 05-02-09 05:29

First page :D

Shinedown - Second Chance

Their new album, The Sound of Madness, is really awesome, and I highly recommend it. ;)

TombRaiderCool 05-02-09 06:58

Music Gets The Best of Me - Sophie Ellis Bextor

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