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KylieDog 10-09-21 02:49


Originally Posted by ESCachuli (Post 8318838)
The thing about the movies is that I dont really see the point of what Umbrella is doing. They want to end the world? What do they need Alice for? I cant understand the characters motivations, nor the plot. At least in the first 1 and 2 they seem to have some plot, and they hint that Jill actually went to the first game Mansion (and that the first movie Mansion and lab is the other lab from RE2), and that's why she knows how to deal with zombies and why STARS are being followed by Nemesis.

They could have done a little more exposition on that, tho.

The story in the first two make sense, even if not very good. The third movie onwards becomes a nonsensical mess.

In the third one they want Alice for her DNA, but they had her at end of second movie and let her go, so what the hell? The entire Clone part made no sense, if they can clone her then they got her DNA already, and the death rooms that kill the clones serve absolutely no purpose. Also the T-Virus made the oceans dry up? Wtf that has no logic to it, it mutates living things, no way it dries oceans. Also the Nevada desert is a stoney kind of desert but somehow it buries Vegas like it was the Sahara.

I won't into every film, but the next movie right near the start has Alice flying a plane over very wet, normal looking oceans. In fact the main plot if trying to get to a ship floating on said ocean.

It gets worse from there.

Lord Lulu 25-09-21 00:23

So I had started a horror movie marathon kind of deal on my days off. Started with "Dawn of the Dead" and "Day of the Dead". Not having watched "Day of the Dead" in many years, re-watching it made me aware of a problem I had seen in the "Resident Evil: Extinction". That movie ripped of the domesticating zombie plot point from "Day of the Dead". Not only that but it did it worse. Only to completely drop it later. "Resident Evil: Extinction" is completely unoriginal and is where everything went off the rails for the movies.

michaeldt 25-09-21 01:28

Yes it totally went off the rails only from the third movie onward :chimonocle:

Lord Lulu 25-09-21 02:37


Originally Posted by michaeldt (Post 8321954)
Yes it totally went off the rails only from the third movie onward :chimonocle:

The first two movies were somewhat grounded in the games and reality. The third movie threw out all of that. It was no longer remotely believable. Maybe you would have preferred that I said that the rails are long gone?

killchan 25-09-21 13:17


Originally Posted by michaeldt (Post 8321954)
Yes it totally went off the rails only from the third movie onward :chimonocle:

The first 2 movies felt natural in the context of a story about a genetically engineered superhuman + evil corporation + outbreak.

With 3 it went absolutely insane.

Nausinous 25-09-21 14:15

I loved the first movie. I hated the others. The first movie felt like it had the fantasy element but still somewhat grounded and gritty. Then it just went weirdly high fantasy. There was so many narrative branches it could of followed as a series and been much more enjoyable.

xdesperado_ 25-09-21 14:21

Rain was the only character I liked from the movies, I wouldn't have minded seeing her in the games.

michaeldt 26-09-21 05:17

To be honest, I actually thing Extinction is the best of all the movies :o.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that it wasn't directed by Anderson? It's got much more of an identity than all the other movies (even Apocalypse, which Anderson also didn't direct).

jajay119 26-09-21 10:47

The problem with the movies was making Alice the central character and then trying to make the existing characters fit around her. Jill felt redundant in RE2 because all the badassery and main attention that should have been on Jill was on Alice.

The movies should have stayed separate from the games imo; taking inspiration for locations and events but running parallel to the games' events. That's why I liked the first movie. It didn't infringe on the games so could be taken as its own thing. The mansion at the beginning I always thought was meant to be the Spencer mansion but we didn't spend too long there so as Alice and co are running around the hive you can imagine the stars lot going about their business in the mansion.

I think the second movie should have taken a more Outbreak approach and had random characters trying to survive with Alice and not made Alice this hyper agent.

killchan 26-09-21 13:57

^--- yep. I marathoned all the movies before touching the games and ... while Jill made sense (at first), the addition of Claire, Chris and Ada felt like the movies were inflating their relevance for no good reason.

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