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strawberry22 25-12-17 20:06

I canít WAIT for this :jmp:

Horus-Goddess 27-12-17 14:56

I've actually come to like the FMV Lara. It looks really good here. Great job on this project so far! Using OpenLara will be really awesome too if it's possible. I'm glad to see all these improvements to the old game engine, it always amazes me that fans are still working on it.

JOHN30011887 04-12-18 17:17

Is this project even still a thing or have they gave up on it like most fan projects, there hasnt been any news for a very long time now

-Roli- 04-12-18 18:32

Don't worry, it's still going ;)

JOHN30011887 04-12-18 21:59

Great news, thanks for reply :)

michaeldt 11-12-18 05:34

At what stage is the project at now?

JOHN30011887 16-05-19 14:16

Any chance on some new tease pics please, its been so long?

ggctuk 16-05-19 14:30


Originally Posted by JOHN30011887 (Post 8089575)
Any chance on some new tease pics please, its been so long?

Any chance of people not bumping threads that have no news, please? Every time it gets bumped, everybody thinks there's news and then they just see 'please sir can I have some more'.

JOHN30011887 16-05-19 18:31

Fine, whatever!

Ewerton Pires 28-05-19 00:24

It seems that this project will never be finished

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