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just*raidin*tomb 19-03-18 22:41


Originally Posted by WWETombRaider (Post 7839327)
^Probably that jade necklace?

No its its not on a small thread. Its large and looks literally gold and its too large for it to be that. If you watch it frame by frame it hits the light and shines briefly. It really looks like its made out of thick gold. So bizarre.

I guess it could like a radio or flashlight maybe. Its so hard to tell. But the way it shimmers...

Yeauxleaux 19-03-18 22:44


Originally Posted by Athukraz (Post 7839332)
The necklace is too small, there's something bigger around her neck. I'm guessing a necklace or a snake

It's the final upgrade on her survivalist skill tree


Athukraz 19-03-18 22:48


Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux (Post 7839337)
It's the final upgrade on her survivalist skill tree


Yas girl so she can use plenty to fire them onto her enemies with the bow #useenemiesfeartoyouradvantage

just*raidin*tomb 19-03-18 22:52


It looks like a circular amulet hanging from golden necklace. Wtf?

Edit: well my image link didn't work. I don't know how to upload it here but maybe this will work: https://ibb.co/e0D2hx

Yeauxleaux 19-03-18 23:12

Oh that frame again... good Lord...

What I see;


How TRF interpret it;


That could literally be anything. It could be light bouncing off her chest, rippling fabric, blistering boils on her chest, some insect flying in front of her. It's so blurred I feel like I'm baked looking at it.

strawberry22 19-03-18 23:18

I found the teaser rather uninspiring. Hopefully more exciting things will follow, though I'm not expecting much.

just*raidin*tomb 19-03-18 23:22

Hey now I have been one of the first people to roll my eyes over what some people see in this teaser but there is clearly something there and if not, no big deal. Its not her chest because the fabric of her shirt is almost up to her neck.

If its nothing then its a mistake in the CGI. Because its the only thing that I think is glaringly obvious. I dont know how people are seeing a braid or shorter hair or what she is wearing but this is pretty much right there.

As I said it shimmers quite obviously when the light hits it.

Mikky 20-03-18 01:15




A few videos for anyone thirsty for some Shadow discussions. She seems really passionate about the series too, which is cool. She also mentions in that last video how that shot of Lara standing over the pyramids might be a vision, considering the state of them - and there I was thinking I was the first to come up with the idea. :p

Fourthxlara 20-03-18 02:57

I just noticed something in the teaser trailer.
Where lara is sliding,it is like she is under the water. You can see it by a lightning and bubbles around her.

tombstone 20-03-18 04:38

She is, she is underwater. You can hear the underwater sounds for the brief second.

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