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Kurtis666 07-06-19 18:52

No More Bows and Arrows!
Back in 2013 when this reboot started bows and arrows were very common in the gaming industry, it was an unnecessary trend that felt and still feel very generic and unpractical considering we are in the 21st century where we have actual guns and silencers.

The next game should reinvent itself both in the story/characters aspect and the gameplay aspect. Therefore, the bow is one of the things that has to go in my opinion and I think that many can agree with me on this.

FanosCroft 07-06-19 18:55


Athukraz 07-06-19 18:56

Bows are more practical than Lara's duals :smk:

Ahmier 07-06-19 18:57

I rather it stay for people that like it. As an alternative choice of weapons.

JsotoTRSaga 07-06-19 18:57

Get rid of the Bow and bring back the Dual Pistols.

Or keep them both , sometimes one thing doesn't necessarily need to rule out another.

_Seth 07-06-19 18:57

Just have a small compound bow or crossbow.

Rai 07-06-19 19:03

Yes more bows and arrows! :D

CheshireBitch 07-06-19 19:05

I don't think the bow will be ever gone in the reboot games. It's really a trademark weapon for reboot Lara, they even made a replica of it for sale
Just like the necklace I think.

The only things that could be subject to be changed are the hair style for a braid, the clothes or the equipment really going pro. But in any case I think the bow would stay.

I agree that founding a crossbow in the game could be nice too.

biscuits 07-06-19 19:07

No.The bow is very fun to use. I wouldn't wanna let fun mechanics go because #itsnotclassic.

I want duals tho :gabidispleased:

Legends 07-06-19 19:08


Originally Posted by Kurtis666 (Post 8097083)
the bow is one of the things that has to go in my opinion and I think that many can agree with me on this.

Yes. Get rid of it, and the whole bow mechanic. The reboot games are completely structured around the bow, and it's so boring. They need to get rid of that. If it was nothing but a secular weapon, then fine, otherwise it's needs to go.

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