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Purcell91 25-11-19 20:00

Legend Really Was That Good...
Back in the day when this released, most major TR fans were unsure if this could revitalise the franchise after the flop of AOD. I remained pretty skeptical myself before release, but once getting my hands on the game i couldn't stop, To say it wowed me might be an overstatement but it sure as heck left a mark on me. From what we were used to in the classics this brought new gameplay mechanics stunning graphics for its time & an engaging story which tomb raiders were never really strong for.

It was a total revolutionised Lara in comparison to her former self 10 years prior. But if i'm honest the voice for Lara in this game still remains the best to this day, she was the perfect choice to play our heroine. The level designs were beautiful from deserty towns in Peru to industrialised japan to Kazakhstan & king arthurs tomb, this game served something for everyone and i think it definitely deserves is place in tomb raiders top 5 games, after all it returned itself to its former glory and brought the series back to life where its still booming to this day.

(FYI Tomb raider1 & 2 are still my favourites of all time so don't hate me towards liking this)

Thorir 25-11-19 20:46

I mean, I like Legend more than Chronicles and AoD...
And TR1 is my favourite game.

TRL is good. Not great. Or fantastic. It's just too... Action-y. I want tombs, not Tokyo night club. Definitely NOT motorbike races... What does this have to do with exploring tombs and ancient history?
Please... The things that make Tomb Raider unique is exploring undiscovered tombs and sites. Not killing people.

SnatchingEdges 25-11-19 20:56

Legend is one of my favs as I enjoyed it a lot as a kid, but if it came out today It'd be more criticized. Short and easy, also the levels didn't have that much exploring besides some secrets. It's better than other entries regarding Lara's personality, story and replay value, but other than that...

I think it's a fun game and a good introduction to new fans, but it's far away from being one of the best TR.

Patrick star 25-11-19 22:01

Legend is great and was a direly needed game after the disaster that was AOD . It's my favorite out of LAU .

NoahCrofRaider 25-11-19 22:25

It was definitely what the series needed after AoD overall. It wasn’t quite perfect, even after all these years, but it had many things that were a lovely change of pace and what should have been in TR all along imo.

To this day, I think my biggest complaint is still the length though...

UroshUchiha 25-11-19 23:15

Back when I played it for the first time my PC could barely run it. And it was a breath of fresh air that was needed. It kinda didn't age well in my opinion, but still an enjoyable game.

Chamayoo 26-11-19 10:57

It's a very well made game, lot of fun and replayability. IMO, it has one of the best stories of the series. I think it's the perfect game to begin first if you don't know the series.
Unfortunately the poor soul isn't in my top 5 (only 6 !). The main issue is that it is too short, easy and linear. The game drove the series in the right track with modernised controls and solid sales, but I believe this lack of "grandiose" Classics have and TRL not most probably have prevented a bang! as a come back.

thabani33 26-11-19 12:20

Am I the only one who prefers Anniversary to Legend?

I enjoyed Legend for what it did to the franchise as the OP has stated, somehow I feel Anni is far more superior even though it's a rehash of the original. I love it regardless.

Purcell91 26-11-19 13:39


Originally Posted by thabani33 (Post 8155100)
Am I the only one who prefers Anniversary to Legend?

I enjoyed Legend for what it did to the franchise as the OP has stated, somehow I feel Anni is far more superior even though it's a rehash of the original. I love it regardless.

Nope, don't be fooled by my liking for Legend but i 100% prefer Anniversary. With Tomb Raider 1 being my favourite of all games you'd be right in thinking i've a soft spot for this game.

Plus Anniversary has bigger and better levels + a longer game as a whole which makes me feel more effort was put into anniversary over legend, 2 of the best in the series though :D

dg1995 26-11-19 14:05

As a person that became a TR fan last year and played all TR games in the right order, it was kinda mixed.

-great graphics
-ability to climb ladders faster.
-much less buggy compared to aod.Also no half baked ideas/features.
-combat was better than previous tr games.(non tank controls are always far better for combat)
-Bossfights are the second best in the franchise.(after TR 3)
-secret costumes and chapter select.

-No sprinting.
-weaker platforming compared to previous games.
-much weaker booby traps.They also made some of them into QTEs.(guess crystal feared of ruining the sense of pride and accomplishment of reviewers since they hate booby traps in games)
-Inferior swimming controls compared to classic games.
-Level design was also weaker compare to previous TR games.

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