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jackali 09-09-12 09:40

How are you feeling (and why)?
It's become abundantly clear that this forum is getting overloaded with different threads about feelings. Sadness, happiness, why we frown or smile... The list seems to keep growing.
As such, it makes sense to consolidate all these threads into one.

Please use this thread to post your mood or say what makes you smile/sad/happy etc.

It would be nice if we could get an explanation for why you feel that way. We discourage members from posting things like: 'Meh :/' without expanding on it.

Think of this thread as your mood, what grinds your gears, what makes you happy etc. all rolled into one. Tell us about what's bothering you lately, or something you want to share that's made you happy.

Maximum of four posts per day, please.

Old threads can be found here:
Your Mood
What really grinds YOUR gears?
What REALLY Makes You Happy?
Little Things That Made You Smile Today
Little Things That Made You SAD Today

Just to clarify:

Originally Posted by jackali (Post 6425637)
I don't expect that this post will change anyone's opinion, nor do I expect it to, but I'd like for members to understand why the moderation team decided on the action that was taken today.

The plethora of threads on how members feel lately necessitated something. It just wasn't entirely clear at first what that something was. My initial thought was to have the majority of threads closed, and for them to continue in Your Mood. I understand that the closing of the gear grinding thread seems to have ground some gears. However, if you think about it, that thread could have easily been folded into Your Mood a long time ago. While it would not be unfair to say that the members of this forum have been, shall we say, blessed with an over-abundance of feeling, we don't need a thread to say we're annoyed and another to say why. The second problem was that Your Mood doesn't quite cover it all. If my gears are being ground, then I'm annoyed. That's all very well and good. If I'm tired... where does that go? That's not a mood. I feel tired, but it's still not a mood. Unless I'm particularly annoyed by being tired, it doesn't fit. The solution was a new thread, which was the decision of the moderating team.

As I said before, I don't expect for anyone to change their stance in regards to their feelings on the thread closure, but I would like people to understand the reasons behind it.

Rai 09-09-12 09:42

Right now I'm feeling pretty good. It's really nice that this thread got opened :tmb: (Also it's my day off)

JsotoTRSaga 09-09-12 09:44

I'm feeling sleepy because i haven't got any sleep yet caused by being hooked to the internet for more than 4 hours :p

bekim 09-09-12 09:53

BOOM!!! :ohn:

MyRaider4Life 09-09-12 09:53

Feeling crap now because I preferred separate thread, but w/e.

b0bb13 09-09-12 09:54

I'm feeling angry. Why? Because this is a terrible idea. I need them moods neatly organized, not all mushed together in one big mess.

SkyPuppy 09-09-12 09:55

well, there goes a lot of members posts. xD i'm feeling okay. my stomach is hurting, but that's probably because i'm hungry, but it's way too late, or early to even think about eating something. :[

strawberry22 09-09-12 09:59

I agree with the posts above. It was nicer having separate threads, but yeah ok :\

SkyPuppy 09-09-12 10:02

when it's that time of the month, i sometimes get very moody, so my moods change often, so... for anyone else that's like that, what are they suppose to do? just not post? :/

bekim 09-09-12 10:03


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