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KillerZ 25-08-21 15:54

Lara Croft: Reflections Artwork
Hi. I recently managed to find on google how to look into apple mobile files and was able to extract the artwork from the Lara Croft: Reflections game.

The Lara variations and enemy sprites were most complete I think. I was hoping to see more areas and map images, but I only managed to find stage 1 artwork there.

tlr online kindly offered to host the images on his site:

Couple of samples here:

tlr online 25-08-21 16:00

Thank you so much for helping us preserve Tomb Raider history.

UroshUchiha 25-08-21 17:04

Shame that this game got cancelled. The .ipa of this game has been preserved, but sadly no iOS emulator exists for us to use the file and maybe try to get the game running in its unfinished state.

tlr online 26-08-21 14:43

Another batch of assets courtesy of blue_box. This asset drop includes some new Lara Croft poses, map artwork, animation artwork, career artwork and background artwork. Still lots more to come, see the link above to pick up the new items and thank you to KillerZ and blue_box for helping us preserve Tomb Raider history.

KillerZ 26-08-21 15:57

Nice. Those are things I was hoping to find, but wasn't able to myself. Now to create wiki articles about all those countries and locations :P Big Thanks to blue_box.

blue_box 29-08-21 16:23

KillerZ, huge thanks to my husband who extracted all the stuff. Glad we could help :)

CheshireBitch 03-09-21 01:56

I've been waiting for this since the game came out ! Thank you so much for extracting the renders ! They're so cool !

tlr online 12-01-22 14:54

Added high resolution Lara Croft Reflections Character Renders and Lara Croft Reflections Card Artwork courtesy of Crystal Dynamics.

jackali 15-01-22 08:09

Nice to see they've stepped up after a fan started this good work. :tmb:

CheshireBitch 15-01-22 14:52

It's really cool they released it !

I hope they'll share more rare or unseen artwork in the future !!

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