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KhaylaLin 24-05-21 22:59

Why is tomb raider underworld textmod not working?
So Im seeing that A LOT of people are having this problem and still dont has solution. The problem is for the steam version (I dont know if there is other problem)

I know that for you to have the mod working you have to rename the textmod app to ''tru'', etc. Ok thats totally fine. The problem is when you start the game with the reskin it only shows change for the hair and the face, the other things that has the reskin mods dont show up.

I also have EVERYTHING on high detail including textures so I dont really know what could be the problem of this. I see that there was some threads that had the same problems but were never solved.

perryloo 26-05-21 02:22

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You could use Texmod on TR Underworld on the PC version, by just buying the game disk. Saves all those problems players have with steam.

Its only around 6 on Ebay ;)

JAMJOOM 27-05-21 10:44

I had the same problem and completely transfer all files in System C.
Create a file in the Local Disk C and transfer everything in it
I think the Steam version is not good
Replace it with a cracked copy
You may need to make the program run as an administrator
properties & given permission to access
Another important thing
Check the file format after modification
The best file format is BMP
It supports transparency
Unlike other formulas, it may face some problems

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