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CalypsisGames 12-09-21 18:29

Tomb Raider III In-Game Track Editor?
Hi there, I'm working on a project that requires me to make the Jungle and River Ganges levels call on a different ambiance track, but I'm not too sure what tool I'd use, nor how to use it. Could anyone help me with this? I know Sardoc did something similar with the boss fight with Willard where he inserted the unused track Peter Connelly made. If anyone could tell me what to use and instructions on how to use it, I'd very much so appreciate you.

mizuno_suisei 13-09-21 23:57

Cdaudio Wad editor should do the trick. Allows you to open tr3s cdaudio.wad and import/play/export all its OST, cutscene tracks and ambience tracks.

Import a WAV or OGG over, the ambient tracks for those levels. Closing the program will then save the change.

If you're looking into adding a new actual ingame trigger (as per meteorite cavern fix) to force play a track once - this I'm not 100% sure of.
There is an older tool called TRscrp which could force a text based trigger onto a certain tile but I'm not sure how compatible it is on newer OS - and there may be a newer tool to do so. I did think of TRMOD but I think that's limited to TR1 and TR2 level files only.

Not sure of any other tools that allow one to place a trigger into a post-compiled TR level. Maybe someone else can chime in :tmb: sardoc may have - hex edited it in (meteorite fix)

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