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Tsarina 19-12-20 21:01


This is the best my (real) hair has ever looked.


KyleCroft 23-12-20 03:58


Haven't posted here in a few years. :D

Shakira Croft 23-12-20 07:52

Cutie :princess:

Lyle Croft 26-12-20 00:06


bekim 26-12-20 16:57

Still overwhelmed from the birthday wishes, thanks :pi::princess:


ozzman 28-12-20 15:52


egypt_gypsie 29-12-20 15:29

hi it's me


Los Angeles 29-12-20 16:11

^ It should be illegal to be this beautiful.

tomblover 05-01-21 19:37

So, uh, I got my first tattoo a week ago...


(it's an oblique reference to Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, for anyone who cares to know :p)

Definitely in the mood to get more, and I already have ideas to that end...

What would you guys suggest for a TR-themed tattoo that encompasses all the eras? :pi:

Woops 06-01-21 15:36

Aaaa so cute yas^^^

Evan C. 07-01-21 11:50

This one from yesterday:


KyleCroft 08-01-21 03:41


Heckler 17-01-21 00:59

Haven't posted here in a while. Went for a cinematic Arabic feel (Part of my heritage after all) I love playing with light in my CG scenes so it's quite fun incorporating those techniques into my selfies along with some filmic effects and colour grading. And with the lockdown boredom I delved a bit into the selfie culture thing. Never really liked it up until now. :D





Oh, and sometimes when I'm extra bored I start cleaning the house. There's no such thing as a 100% clean floor in this country. :D


BlueCake 19-01-21 02:19


Originally Posted by Heckler (Post 8270066)

You got me with that cute smile ❤️

bekim 21-02-21 07:18

Upclose and personal :innocent:


tomblover 24-02-21 13:44

^ a legend! love you <3

haven't played in make-up in ages - and my jawbreaker palette came in the mail the other week, so


put her to good use, shame jefferson starship is #cancelled x

Yeauxleaux 25-02-21 13:24


Originally Posted by bekim (Post 8281066)
Upclose and personal :innocent:


Hair goals.


Originally Posted by tomblover (Post 8281628)
^ a legend! love you <3

haven't played in make-up in ages - and my jawbreaker palette came in the mail the other week, so


put her to good use, shame jefferson starship is #cancelled x

It looks very 80s glam to me, I like it

One of me taken the other day. Quarantine has made me a little more #thicc than I'd like but, I'm working on it.


SnatchingEdges 25-02-21 13:38

You 3 are so pretty and powerful :hug:

Caesum 25-02-21 16:27

i wish quarantine made me more thicc too tbh

Athukraz 25-02-21 16:38

Slay yolo omg

Yeauxleaux 26-02-21 16:41

Thanks guys :hug:


Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 8281855)
i wish quarantine made me more thicc too tbh

Wanna trade? People always want what they don't have :vlol:

TR1249 13-03-21 13:43


Just vibing :)

Caesum 31-03-21 20:48


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8285318)
[IMG ]https://www.imgur.com/Temfqpm.jpg[/IMG]

Just vibing :)

You're looking great! By the way, are your eyes light blue or grey?

My tinder profile pics are ready to stun the world

http://i.imgur.com/R6op7tzl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ssE1nNzl.jpg

Don't ask why

lance6439 01-04-21 02:00

@TR1249 Adorbz!

@Caesum Handsome as always! even tho harry potter kinda sucks lol you make it look interesting lmao

TR1249 01-04-21 19:55

Thank you, you two :hug:

I love your pictures, Caesum, love me a potterhead :D
And to answer your question, my eyes are light blue :)

PedroTheGamer 04-04-21 13:05


Originally Posted by TR1249 (Post 8285318)

You're só cutie :D

TR1249 06-04-21 08:38


Originally Posted by PedroTheGamer (Post 8290812)
You're só cutie :D

Aww, thank you :hug:

ANoDE 06-04-21 22:24

@Caesum: Looking good :tmb:

Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 8290070)

But I have to ask: Is that a scene from the "Titanic" game?!

Caesum 08-04-21 17:44

^ Yes it is. Titanic Adventure Out Of Time to be precise. :D

Tsarina 08-04-21 18:27

Looking great everyone!


ANoDE 08-04-21 21:42


Originally Posted by Caesum (Post 8291656)
^ Yes it is. Titanic Adventure Out Of Time to be precise. :D

Haha, cool. I don't know if I had that exact one, but I did possess a Titanic Adventure game back in the day. And I'm only a little bit ashamed of it :p


Originally Posted by Tsarina (Post 8291661)

Looking gorgeous as always, Tsarina :tmb:

KyleCroft 10-04-21 20:42


So bored doing report cards!

Shakira Croft 11-04-21 09:24

You look handsome as always Kyle :princess:

Nerdy 18-04-21 11:24

Damn Kyle!


I can’t add insta picture?

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