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Legends 11-06-08 22:09


Originally Posted by Bumio (Post 2770912)

Excellent! :vlol:

Dia2blo 11-06-08 22:57


stereopathic 11-06-08 23:08

Nice one, Dia2blo. :vlol:

Pipolinne 11-06-08 23:45

Lol at Underkitty :vlol:!

Nightwish,what a great editing :tmb:!

Dia2blo,what a perfect depiction: nothing was so ridiculous on TR like that pseudo-theatrical moment :vlol:!

Encore 12-06-08 00:37


Originally Posted by Dia2blo (Post 2771156)

ahahah that was awesome :vlol:

Encore 12-06-08 01:06

Because their chattering echoing in his cave just ****es him off. :whi:

josh2l 12-06-08 02:44

^^^ hahahahaha! WELL done on the photoshopping, too! :D

ChingKong 12-06-08 03:25


Originally Posted by Feather Duster (Post 2768608)
sumbody needs to shave! I love it it's cute!:D

:vlol: I LOVE IT!!! :tmb: :vlol: :D :D :D

AmericanAssassin 12-06-08 03:33


Originally Posted by Sir Croft (Post 2757545)

I can't even take it. This one makes me laugh each and every time I see it. :vlol:

Feather Duster 12-06-08 04:30


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