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Tonttu 14-06-08 14:56

Alex Fly 14-06-08 15:01

^ Woot ! Smexy !! :p

Encore 14-06-08 15:07

ROFL! The underpus running from the natives :vlol:

Blackmoor 14-06-08 15:59


Originally Posted by Pietras (Post 2776592)

Love it! He's on our side!! :vlol: :D

All these pictures make me feel quite bonded to the Underpus. :hug: Hopefully we're going to be able to use Lara's TR:U tranquiliser guns to get past him and not... kill him.

Rivendell 14-06-08 16:02

Hehe Bmoor - you're right! We're going to feel quite sad for having to defeat Underpus!

Alex Fly 14-06-08 16:16

Well, all I can say is that I'm totally pus of this thread !!

Rivendell 14-06-08 16:17

:vlol: Fantastic little penguinpus smiley!

Drone 14-06-08 16:19


Alex Fly 14-06-08 16:23

Lmao ! :D
Gonna use it a lot, no doubt about it. :p

Danath 14-06-08 16:24


Originally Posted by Sir Croft (Post 2757613)
^ ROFL :vlol:


Hahahahahaha this thread is amazing!!! :vlol::vlol::vlol:

I haven't checked TRU news in a lot of time, what the heck is this underpus? Boss? :p

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