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Jonnipants 19-12-23 11:02

A developer has finally broken the silence:

Hi @saint fan apologies for the delayed responses! The game will continue being fixed and maintained, we are just in the process of transferring the game to a new developer and they need a bit of time to ramp up! But rest assured, there is no plan to shut down the game and the game will continue to be updated and bugs fixed. (edited)

On behalf of the team I do apologise for the silence on our side, our team has been very busy with the transfer. However, I assure you the new developer is passionate about the game and once they have ramped up they will do a great job on maintaining and updating Tomb Raider Reloaded as well as answering all your queries.

Source: WarriorPig, TRR Discord

Mikky 19-12-23 16:42

Gosh, 2 publishers and now 2 developers for this game? Is it really that worth it?

charmedangelin 19-12-23 19:16

Good luck to them, I don't play mobile games anymore because of Reloaded. Reloaded destroyed what little interest I had in mobile games. Endless grinding for little to nothing to show for it. I have sworn off mobile games completely ever since I stopped playing earlier this year. I like my games to have a beginning, middle, and end.

Chamayoo 19-12-23 19:17

It seems Deca Games are the new devs ! I'm really surprised about this change, hope we will see the new levels sooner when they're ready. For now let them the time to adapt !

CheshireBitch 20-12-23 20:17


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8424399)
Those outfits were in the game files for a very long time. Same thing for the Egypt level. Data miners have had them dug out more than a half a year ago.

So what took them so long to actually release them? Not to mention that most of the new level is just recycled content.

They haven't added anything new to the dev branch in a very long time.

Also, those two new outfits are not even obtainable in the game anyway so they might as well not be there in the first place.

Well you can have the level file in the game but still need to work on it. Nothing says it was ready to play at that time. And about the outfits the same happened to the sport outfit. It was there weeks before release and it took some more time for player to be able to buy it with gems. Not to mention the croft manor setting that is also new.
The recycled content is obvious because we waited very long for this one but every level has recycled stuff from previous levels so it's not too off brand for the game.

No matter what was the roll out it's still a big update with lot of content, so it might be a little bit too soon to say the game is done. Also they have no obligation in telling us what's going on or to keep us updated, as annoying as it can be.

Also apparently there was a message on the discord server of the game saying that they are changing devs. Does anyone here saw that too ?

Tomb Raider France found out it might be Deca Games, a german company that is specialized in picking up games like this to continue the updates. It appears it's a company owned by embracer

UroshUchiha 20-12-23 20:32

I would again disagree that the update was big. It was a minor one, especially for how long it's been between this update and the previous one. You don't need half a year or however long it has been (more perhaps?) to deliver a single level that's mostly recycled lmao.

As for the outfits, they have been in the game for a long time and have been fully functional. People who know how to hack the APK have had the outfits unlocked and recorded videos of them a long time ago. Same thing with the cutscene that you get when you go to Egypt and even the level assets.

I mean I am glad that you are easily impressed by TRR and consider this a big update and will praise Emerald City etc etc. More power to you. But from my pov (which is shared by enough people), Emerald City was trash and good riddance to them. Things can only go up from here cause TRR touched rock bottom.

And yeah, people knew it was DECA when they joined the Discord server yesterday.

CheshireBitch 20-12-23 20:50

I never said that I was impressed by the game or by emerald haha It's just a phone app lol
I was as mad as everyone with how bad the global release went and all the bugs it had. And I agree we waited far too long for the update but sometimes it feels a bit unfair as they clearly are trying to get the game going no matter what instead of just dropping it very fast.

I agree updates are a problem since the beggining. It's too little too late each time but it's still going and that's something.

But clearly whatever happens it's not a big deal. It's a mobile game. In 5 years it won't be playable on new phones or mega glitchy like relic run and it will eventually disappear and no one will ever care again just like every 2000 TR mobile game (as good as some of them has been) it will be part of the franchise history but that's it

charmedangelin 20-12-23 23:36

The update was minor because the developers have been in maintenance mode since global launch.

UroshUchiha 21-12-23 09:11

I wonder if DECA's job is just to keep the game in maintenance mode or will they actually work on the content.

Heartache 21-12-23 22:25

the mod left cause she was sick of it. she got as much info as the rest of us.

i think fox was laid off since embracer is thinning out as much as they can, cause they bought too many studios, without having the money to back it up. a lot of community managers were let go including in the circle of crystal dynamics.

i think deca will also add new things judging by their other games. one of the devs mentioned that updates will continue, so im hopeful

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