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laras garden 21-10-08 21:52

Underpus is beautiful ;)

tha_mattster 22-10-08 07:26


Originally Posted by igonge (Post 3135878)

I already posted this in the fan art section but oh well. My new YouTube Video:

OMG! Lara is Attracted to the Underpus!? WTF?!


Nice work

NightWish 22-10-08 07:40

woooooow this threat is still up?! :eek:

Edsta 22-10-08 12:03

Sorry it's not that great, I did it in like 10 mins..
Introducing: Ganjapus!


Look at him hotboxing in his little tomb. :vlol:
Well he would get quite bored just sitting there waiting for Lara haha.

kryptonite23 22-10-08 12:05

/\Nice editting:vlol:

Edsta 22-10-08 12:08

Haha, I know, It was just for a laugh though.
I'm not trying to show off my mad editing skillz :p

Plus I actually did it really quick, purely out of boredom. :D

]{eith 22-10-08 12:37


Track List
1. Second Hand Tombs
2. Kraken Dreams
3. Never Going Underworld Again
4. Don't Stop (Trying To Kill Lara)
5. Go Your Own Pus.
6. Songpus.
7. Silver SeaBeast
8. The Chain Will Smush You
9. You Make Killin' Fun
10. I Don't Want To Know Zip & Alistair!
11. Oh DaddyPus
12. Gold Dust Big-Busted Woman

Sir Croft 22-10-08 14:38


Originally Posted by Edsta (Post 3137907)
Introducing: Ganjapus!


Look at him hotboxing in his little tomb. :vlol:

ROFL :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

KC Mraz 22-10-08 17:41

Who wants to see Underpus on Wii?
Video on IGN - Thread on TRF

Not as sexy as the PC/PS360 Undeprus :(

IceColdLaraCroft 22-10-08 17:42

-ew- its like Lara's looking at a Mosaic or a painting...Wii's suck like a giant sucker on Underpus

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