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trXD 08-06-08 22:59

I thought i should give it a random little go:

Yuna´s Wish 08-06-08 23:18

^ The image was loading quite slowly...and I laughed when it finally loaded with poor Underpus´ story :D

This thread is magnificent. Really. The Kraken is not scary anymore, but it can really make people happy :)

remote91 08-06-08 23:30

Couldnt get the font right :p

Dia2blo 08-06-08 23:57

Underpus is only good until Lara kills him, then hes out of a job... heres underpus taking up some new careers!

ChingKong 09-06-08 00:00

heres whut i think of underpus :D :


Dia2blo 09-06-08 00:04


Originally Posted by ChingKong (Post 2763427)

OMG i am so making this one right now! damn you! *gives up*

BigR4444 09-06-08 00:05

@"Underpus: Ace Attorney"...... LOL

ChingKong 09-06-08 00:10


Originally Posted by Dia2blo (Post 2763432)
OMG i am so making this one right now! damn you! *gives up*

Go for it anway, i wanna see it!

Dia2blo 09-06-08 00:35

And here we have it...

ChingKong 09-06-08 00:37

^:vlol: :vlol: :vlol:
you know what would make it even funnier, put laras face on the professor's and make the eyes looking in different directions with drool comin out of her mouth!

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