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Elmer 18-06-08 16:04


Originally Posted by nomedo (Post 2789892)
i know who the underpus really is!!!! :mis:



Alex Fly 18-06-08 16:13


Originally Posted by larasflan (Post 2790235)

How cute... :p

Lara-Ferguson 18-06-08 16:59

Haha lol xD soooooooooooooo great pictures
i made another one too
should have called the restaurant cafe metro
haha :jmp:

Alex Fly 18-06-08 17:04

^ Hahaha ! :D

thevman 18-06-08 19:53

Yes! We finally get rid of those white ledges! :yah:

Ohhh, I love calamari!!!! :hug:

*eats half of underpus* :mis:

Atlantisfreak666 18-06-08 20:08

Anne Robinson-pus!!

Spikey 18-06-08 20:10


Originally Posted by stranger1992 (Post 2788835)

:eek: :vlol:


Originally Posted by nomedo (Post 2789892)

The Underpus must be culled! :vlol:

BigR4444 18-06-08 20:46


I like this one, one pus is goin one way, the other pus is goin the other way... and this guys like whadaya want from me???

takamotosan 18-06-08 20:59

haha this thread got entertaining again :D

dcw123 18-06-08 21:13


Originally Posted by takamotosan (Post 2791254)
haha this thread got entertaining again :D

I like the Resturant Croft one the best:) Lara looks do funny handing the plate out...
What does anyone think of my scream one? Hes hidden behind the white BTW

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