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BlueCake 24-11-20 23:51


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 8255606)
That game where you get chased by a bolder was an action arcade game... I think.

I think by 'arcade' they are or are not referencing arcade machines of the past? Hmmm...

I wonder if it will feature their impossibly vague definition of Tomb Raider "exploration, combat and puzzle-solving" or whatever...

Yes, well, I did a quick search on Play Store and apparently most action arcade games are in the same style of Relic Run, quick-stepping while auto running. That leads me to believe the game will be similar to CB: On the Run, the difference is that the maps are not endless.

Persefone 25-11-20 00:43

I honestly dont even mind the style, it might've even been easier to do a cute classic lara with it but the model they made for this looks so off lmfao

edit u know what nvm she looks cute and physically strong, just hate the chibi proportions so much

larafan25 25-11-20 03:32

Game Modes: The mechanics of the vehicle are the same but the rules of the game in terms of objectives within the game world are re-defined... a rolling ball represents a game mode, a fixed camera during a platforming sequence represents a game mode, a time limit represents a game mode, etc...

Considering some of the creative modes that have been made up in the level editor, and how perfect those movements/ controls are for platforming, would have made much more sense to invest money into a mini-game focused on trap/ platforming segments with the actual classic jumps and movement-orientation... far more original and respectful and could feature an accurate contemporary rendering of the original classic Lara, maybe one day...

I mean the fans are doing it themselves anyways but still...

SoraSakai 25-11-20 04:27

That character model looks kinda scary.

VictorXD 25-11-20 05:16


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 8255644)
That character model looks kinda scary.

It does, translating classic Lara to realistic textures while keeping the same proportions is just pure nightmare fuel. I really wish larafan25 would understand this at last and stop spamming those same artworks at every possible post every single time he gets the chance.

charmedangelin 25-11-20 05:51

I honestly believe Top Cow Lara is the best way to realize the character. The artist did an amazing job with her portions and her physic.

Soma Holiday 25-11-20 05:57


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8255649)
I honestly believe Top Cow Lara is the best way to realize the character. The artist did an amazing job with her portions and her physic.

Omg yes she is my ideal version of Lara I'd love to see her modelled for a video game.

Ellioft 25-11-20 07:00

I don't think this is scary It's really well done in my opinion. A faithfull version of the FMV Lara.

killchan 25-11-20 08:25

I'm not even sure it's worth mentioning this, but the announcement is getting no coverage and the buzz is non existent.
Every professional outlet ignored it completely, the most viewed video on yt is a GTA6 video by a french youtuber , the official trailer barely cracked the 90K mark , and the usual TR content creators ... they've never had big numbers, let's be frank.

Also, no coverage from news regurgitators (think yongyea, inside gaming, laymen gaming etc...) either. That's weird for a controversial topic such as mobile gaming. I wasn't hoping for that kind of unconstructive buzz but usually, when click-thirsty channels talk about something, that's an indication that that something (the news or the brand itself) is at least noteworthy. You'd think that'd be the case here to some degree.

What I'm trying to say is that, outside of our tiny little bubble, nothing moved and the conversations around "mainline games get Bow Lara, Mobile Games get Duals Lara", "RLara vs CLAra" or even the future of Tomb Raider, aren't even a thing.

SoraSakai 25-11-20 09:12

Meh cuz it’s a mobile game. Who cares lol

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