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andre_costa 24-12-20 23:29

I am a bit late to the party lol is it possible to play this game on ios already?

UroshUchiha 25-12-20 00:27


Originally Posted by andre_costa (Post 8263122)
I am a bit late to the party lol is it possible to play this game on ios already?

Don't think I saw anyone mentioned iOS yet. I think not but could be wrong.

charmedangelin 28-12-20 04:16

Someone posted T Rex gameplay, it's directly inspired by Anniversary.

I'm glad I stopped playing because the game is the same old same old over and over again.

UroshUchiha 28-12-20 08:27

T-Rex is imo the easiest boss in the game.
The end boss in the Tomb of Qualopec is impossible to kill currently for me.
And there's a room in the last level also where they throw previous two bosses at the same time which are very difficult to deal with. One was annoying, two are just "hope they stack in the same place so you can cleave them" annoying.

jackali 28-12-20 11:37

^ Yeah, I can't beat the final boss either. Gave up trying a few days ago.

charmedangelin 28-12-20 13:01

So what are y'alls first impressions.

Mine were good at first, but then quickly went sour after getting passed the point of introduction. It's a typical Mobile game, although much more generic and lacking in the charm that makes other mobile experiences bearable to somewhat enjoyable.

I can't stress enough how demanding the game is when it comes to ask for money from the player. They obviously set up tough enemies that would take days to weeks to grind to beat unless your willing to pony up cash.

The levels themselves are also cheap and pretty generic looking. The traps or the "platforming" is the weakest and simplest thing ever. It's like playing one of those toys you get from a happy meal at McDonald's. Fun at first, but boring and annoying after getting over your 5 mins or so of interest.

Unless there are massive changes that would take a complete redesign of the game, I don't think interest in it will last for long. It will be a mobile game that is quickly forgotten and not cared about within it's first few weeks of release.

UroshUchiha 28-12-20 15:34

My personal opinion is that the game is good for those "toilet break" moments or when you simply have to kill a couple of minutes before something you are waiting for actually happens so might as well do a run or two in the game.

The grind is insane, the boost enemies get to health and damage between levels is absurd so you have to grind a previous level for a week before you get enough resources to progress.

I assume/hope they will fix the balancing issues in the full release cause at the moment I don't see how it's possible to finish the, currently, last level even if you have all uncommon rarity items leveled up. It might be possible if you spend that top dollar to get the items above the uncommon rarity.

Leveling up Lara is a joke, my Lara is currently level 16 and my outfit level is 13 cause I simply don't have enough runes or money to level her up further from how pricy stuff gets real quick. Outfit leveling should be automatic when Lara hits the next level mark.

Currently, I am only logging in the game once a day to claim that free daily crate and see if I can get something game-changing to actually finish the last boss somehow.

Honestly, I can see myself going through this game only once when it leaves Early Access and someone releases a modded apk for infinite money so that I don't have to grind previous level like this game is my actual job or something.

Strayyy_ 28-12-20 16:46


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8263645)
My personal opinion is that the game is good for those "toilet break" moments

My toilet breaks are an hour omgg, gonna have fun with this game :jmp::jmp:

UroshUchiha 28-12-20 18:35


Originally Posted by Strayyy_ (Post 8263649)
My toilet breaks are an hour omgg, gonna have fun with this game :jmp::jmp:

Oh no you are not cause of the energy system :D
How dare you want to play the game as much as you want, you can only play when the game says you can play :D

jackali 28-12-20 18:44

Thought I'd give it another go today and finally beat the final boss of the currently released levels. Was really lucky with the power ups. Really boring fight though. Have to just keep moving constantly, chipping away, hoping not to get hit.

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