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Reggie 13-01-21 10:59

Really glad this could be clarified and settled as Ed is a good guy who I think wants to help and interact positively with all of us. I'm not as active here these days and yes, TRF has its challenges with over-zealous fans who are very possessive over their own view of what TR ought to be, but it has always been a safe space for those across the sexuality spectrum and diverse identities. As someone who is straight, I don't think I would be half as open minded and educated as I am now about the LGBTQIA community if it wasn't for my membership here which led to forming lifelong friendships with those who are part of it. Just my two cents. I know how much work goes into keeping this place running from day to day. The amount of stuff that gets prevented or nipped in the bud far outweighs what slips through net and what does slip through, is dealt with if reports are made. When it comes to arguments around TR, that's a harder field to moderate but hate speech has no place here and never will.

FreakRaider 13-01-21 11:17

I'm really not active on here anymore and most of the threads I visit don't have any particular hateful comments however, it happened several times now that I go e.g. into the Future of TR section and just any random thread that is being spammed - there are always the same users having the same weird discussions that end up in the same insult/shade throwing convos no one needs. And the longer I find myself trying to become more active here again, the more I start feeling angry towards the things people say here and how invested into little random BS arguments they are - that's why I distanced myself and this is probably why others distance themselves.

UroshUchiha 13-01-21 11:33

^That's why I never check the reboot trilogy section of the forums, especially the Future section. A few times that I did, it was full of spam that usually revolves around the same people being shady and lowkey toxic towards one another and especially people who don't share their point of view about literally anything random.

DVDSpike 13-01-21 11:35

Idk, sounds like backtracking to me. He very clearly was talking about TRF when referring to the offensive comments. “That’s why I decided to delete my profile tbh”. You decided to delete your profile because of hurtful comments you saw elsewhere?

It’s very clear he deleted it due to the backlash of Reloaded and then created this weird lie to slander TRF, and when called out on it, he backtracked.

Doesn’t sound very nice to me at all.

Evan C. 13-01-21 12:03


Originally Posted by tlr online (Post 8268952)
Ed has responded on Twitter and I appreciate his clarification. If you are on Twitter give him a follow, he seems like a good guy.

As a reminder, everyone is welcome on this forum so please help us keep Tomb Raider Forums a friendly and inclusive venue by reporting any offensive and/or rule breaking comments.

Thanks for sharing. I agree with him, but being 100%, I find more reasonable the fact he left because the vast majority absolutely dislike the game he's been working on. I do understand him and it must be very frustrating, but It is not constructive. After all, the game (IMO) is still something I wouldn't ever touch, and instead of having Q&A on why without even playing it people is not interested or something like that (because for some reason this forum is a desert when it comes to people working directly with the franchise even though is the most active and passionate, even with the bad things) just to leave for not being part of something that is minority here.

So, he seems a cool guy and I join his dislike towards those attitudes, but it would be amazing to have an insight on his work and we could learn as a community as he could as developer. I'd love to ask him personally a few questions.

yogalame 13-01-21 12:58


Originally Posted by UroshUchiha (Post 8268169)
I just got the Staff weapon and boy does this one make the game easy. Initially, it shoots two bolts that are homing. If you upgrade it with bullet spread and ricochet boosts you just have to stand at the start of the stage and wait for stuff to do. No longer do you have to chase those annoying rats cause the bullets follow them on their own haha.

The games FPS even starts to tank if you boost the stuff with various other upgrades from how much stuff happens on the screen when you use it.

I'm currently at a very similar point in the game funnily enough.

charmedangelin 13-01-21 14:34

I've certain been thrown many fatphobic comments directed at me personally from one particular member on this website. I can vouch for nothing really being done about it or this particular person. They never lost their posting privilege over those types of comments that's for sure.

Homophobia I've never seen, nor have I seen any transphobia either.

tomblover 13-01-21 17:13

To be fair, a lot of TRF animosity has been spilling over onto Twitter lately, and being that Ed (who we as a community do not deserve :p) is primarily interacting with fans on Twitter, I can see why he would opt to disengage from TRF, on the basis of mainly interpersonal drama that he's witnessing the fallout of, over there.

(it doesn't help that he was readily picked up by the elitist clique as well, who I'm aware aren't very supportive of TRF as a platform either, for various reasons - you'll find them mostly on Twitter or Tumblr after all)

That's completely aside from all of us tearing Reloaded apart, of course. That would turn me off too, if I was in his shoes, because what we've had to say about it has been everything but productive...

(because we're taking all of our frustations out on the game itself, despite that not being the issue)

DVDSpike 13-01-21 17:35

^well with Reloaded there’s not much constructive criticism to give save: “don’t lazily make direct clones of other games and call it a TR game”.

tomblover 13-01-21 17:40


Originally Posted by DVDSpike (Post 8269028)
^well with Reloaded there’s not much constructive criticism to give save: “don’t lazily make direct clones of other games and call it a TR game”.

Yeah, you really phrased that in a non-combative way, too. :vlol:

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