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whosyourdady 04-11-19 01:30

Hello, fellow raiders!

I am Mihai, a TR player for some years already.
I've been playing many of the TR games and even finished a few of them and for my birthday which was these days, I received an e-mail from this forum and I was thinking it was nice to reply back to you, fellow raiders here :)

As a token for my gratitude to you, the community which evolved around Lara, I post here a video I created for Lara's birthday more than 10 years ago, removed now from dust just to be shown here.


Looking forward to visit this forum more frequently,
and many thanks,

bollweevil 04-11-19 04:08


That video is classic youtube :tmb:

Tomb Raidering 04-11-19 09:12

Welcome to the forums! ^.^

Nice video..... :tmb:

Cat Woman 04-11-19 15:42


Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering (Post 8147118)
Welcome to the forums! ^.^

Nice video..... :tmb:

Yes, I watched it all. Some I have not played. You should add the newer ones (if possible) and/or make another video. Very cool. :cool:

whosyourdady 04-11-19 20:39

Thank you for the warm welcomes. :D
I will remember to do a remake of the video some day, with the new games included :)

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