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Uvavoo 10-11-06 09:39

FAQ: Unofficial Level Editor by TurboPascal
Thought it may be useful for Dxtre3D users to have an FAQ section. Started the ball rolling with some useful links.
Users please feel free to post your own useful information, tips and tutorials in this section. Please avoid cluttering this thread though, only information please.

Dxtre3d by Turbopascal, the unofficial level editor, download it here:


TR Viewer by E. Popov
TR Viewer

More unofficial tools:

Tools from Skateboard Kid:
TrePhoenix(includes TR2TRE!) and Fexinspect SK


Some unofficial levels can be downloaded at trle.net.
Use the "Level/listing Search" and set it to the Type of level you want.
Like setting search to type TR1 will give you a list of all TR1 levels, etc.

dox online 23-12-06 18:02

tr player by E. Popov
(play tr levels flying)

[link removed: link was dead.]

Phil Croft 15-01-07 21:17

Hello I just want to know how that dxtre3d works.I really donīt know what to do!!!!:confused:

Titak 15-01-07 22:24

In the download section (fisrt link in Uvavoo's first post) it says that the Dxtre3d package comes with a manual. That would be the best place to start. ;)

dox online 16-01-07 14:59

i like your new avatar titak

Titak 16-01-07 15:54

Thanks. :D

Diego_z 16-01-07 21:58

well, iīm new member, iīm interested in the tomb raider level editor world, well, the turbo pascalīs level editor have the advantage that support any engine of tomb raider, you can make levels of tomb raider 1-5, and is very easy to use. :D

Izzie404 12-04-07 22:00

I'm thinking of trying out this editor; how do you play the levels? I haven't seen anything saying how to do it.

Uvavoo 02-05-07 13:03

Check this thread at Laras Home.


megabug7 14-05-07 17:08

I get an xml error when running TRViewer :confused:

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