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CrisGer 24-02-13 17:47

Remarkable New Title this.
I started the game for real last night, and very much like it so far. I see the changes and some of them are quite nice. The overall increase in detail and ambience is remarkable, this is the most realistic of the titles so far in terms of environment and the underwater part was superbly done. I had glimpsed the demo version with Thailand so i had not see the full Medeterranean underwater section before. The interiors are well done too, very accurate for such spaces and the Kraaken very nasty and just right for its character.

I noticed that Lara is well designed so far, i like her voice and character...the viewpoint is a bit more distant in some ways, you see her at a distance a bit farther than before but that scale will work out i think.

Overall, this is going to be fun. What a treat i am glad i saved it.

Too bad about losing the house but i am sure that will be explained as the story unfolds. I have avoided spoilers so this will be a really fun journey.


Spong 24-02-13 18:34

Wow, you're playing catch up :eek:
Glad to see you're enjoying what you've played so far though. Visually, I think the game is pretty polished :tmb:

Dingaling 24-02-13 18:43


Originally Posted by Spong (Post 6667890)
Wow, you're playing catch up :eek:
Glad to see you're enjoying what you've played so far though. Visually, I think the game is pretty polished :tmb:

I thought the same thing when I played it in January - the game is absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the environments is astounding and the only sort of let down graphically is Lara herself in-game (cutscene Lara is gorgeous).

Hope you enjoy the game CrisGer! Keep us updated :).

Love2Raid 24-02-13 18:55

have fun :-)))
Better late than never, haha. :D

coolaideonfire 24-02-13 19:11

Agree with everyone's comments! It's a great game and visually very polished compared to previous titles in the trilogy. I did however find the story and the final parts of the game quite tiresome!

CrisGer 24-02-13 19:35

As some of the veterans here may remember, i take months on my play thru's and study each detail in depth. I think the longest i took was for Last Revelations...it took six months and over 3000 screen shots :) So yes i have been saving this and also i had to upgrade my video card, i work with many older games but the new next gen games are demanding more in the way of resources so that I have to keep up.

I am glad i waited, and tho i was a bit hesitant about the new Lara, I find her quite nice... and the version in the in game Vids is a stunner. She is such a lovely spirit, and the voice acting again is superb. I look forward to many more adventures. Glad to see the motor bike is in our future again too, and she has some new stylish moves....which i have been enjoying watching her try out....


thanks for the encouragement...and feel free to call me Cris :) We are all TR family after all :)

CrisGer 27-02-13 04:40

OK, Lara and i have made serious progress....mostly Lara..i have just been pushing buttons and taking pictures of her ...



i loved the tomb area and the huge statues of Thor, the escape up to the surface was cool



and then the attack on the ship, that was really thrilling,


Lara didnt break a sweat really and kicked and shot the heck out of the baddies and then the scene later on where she finds people she remembered was quite cool...


.i love the new Lara design, esp in the movies, she has so many very realistic expressions.




Now we are on the coast of Thialand and i am amazed how beautiful the coast and the ocean are...Lara is comfortable in her jungle gear and is having a ball with the climbing.. i was not happy about the spiders but she didnt care at all...and the views and the scenes of her against the sea were lovely





I think she is impatient to get going so i will just post a few of these and hurry back. We fell off the cliff because i forgot how to make her lean forward but hopefully she will forget and forgive because we have done pretty well and have stashed away a ton of treasures and one sphere :)

this is Lara's "Hurry up you Dolt Look".... :)


on with the hunt!

mizuno_suisei 27-02-13 06:28

:vlol: HER BOOBS!!!!! WHAT THE HELL :vlol:

zackfarron 27-02-13 06:51


Originally Posted by mizuno_suisei (Post 6673747)
:vlol: HER BOOBS!!!!! WHAT THE HELL :vlol:


sackboy123 27-02-13 07:20

Glad your enjoying it, In Thiland did you meet the shark in the water :D

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