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AkyV 15-08-16 22:19

Open DLL Chat - Basic Questions, Inquiries, & Help Thread!
If you don't understand anything about making TRNG user developments, then post your question here, somebody will answer hopefully soon.

Further information
in the TRNG user development archives thread.
If you would like something to be developed in a plugin then type your request here.
You can read about developments being in progress here.

AkyV 03-12-16 23:58

This thread was created when the new TRNG was confirmed in the summer of 2016. The good news is the thread is active now, please send your posts!

AkyV 05-12-16 18:29

Okay, the first question is mine.
I did what is told here, on a fresh installation:


Then I read this page (http://www.trlevelmanager.eu/plugin_...Plugin_SDK.htm):


Build all
Now you should build:

The script, using NG_Center
The plugin.tr4 file, using NGLE program
The plugin_trng.dll file, using MS Visual Studio compiler
"Using MS Visual Studio compiler" - what does it mean?

Joey79100 05-12-16 18:44

Inside Visual Studio, you either have to go in Project > Generate (or Generate > Generate depending on the version) or to press F7.
Then you can find the .DLL in your project's folder, under Debug or Release depending on the version you've chosen to build. :)

AkyV 05-12-16 22:41

Well, I didn't find any menu commands like that. I loaded SLN project as Paolone said, and I already have the tutorial DLL in Plugin SDK Store. As a first step I don't think I should compile anything. Maybe I misunderstood something. :confused:
I go on I hope I won't be stuck.
Thanks for the answer, anyway. :)


Exercise 1: the Magic Flare
Look fine and you see the "." (period) at end of enumGET
Now you should see this:
I should see some list now. I don't see any list. :confused:
So I added those texts manually. When I built solution after that, as it is said (not with F7, my 2010 has some other menu), then the program said there are errors (no "get" source or what).

THOR2010 06-12-16 17:57

Get(enumGET.LARA, 0

^right after typing this you built the solution?

AkyV 06-12-16 18:01

After this, as it is said in the tutorial:



if (GET.LaraInfo.TestIsHoldingItem == true) {
if (GET.LaraInfo.HoldedItem == enumHOLD.FLARE) {
// lara is holding a flare in her hand
GET.pLara->CordY -= 32;
And I don't have auto enumerate.

(My Studio has a Build menu for build, Debug menu has other commands. i used that ISO that sapper sent.)

THOR2010 06-12-16 18:19

strange i copied yours and was able to build it fine, i have no idea what the problem could be, or why your version seems to be different from mine?

FreakRaider 06-12-16 18:21


Originally Posted by THOR2010 (Post 7689021)
strange i copied yours and was able to build it fine, i have no idea what the problem could be, or why your version seems to be different from mine?

Or because you had a space after the comma? :p

AkyV 06-12-16 18:28

Get(enumGET.LARA, 0,0);

With or without a space, both versions are there in the tutorial.

Okay, I fixed it, "only" with uninstalling/reinstalling the Visual Express. (Also cleaned registry. Who knows?)

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