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PGunnii 08-07-19 03:11

Tomb Raider: The perfect horror game
I'm not sure your guys' take on self-advertising, but I just wanted to let you guys on this forum know how absolutely instrumental this website was on making this project I'm about to share with you. While I've never posted, I've lurked here for roughly a year.

I spent nearly a year on this video discussing the secret and often forgotten genius behind the original Tomb Raider. One of the hardest challenges behind this project was finding tools to rip the original meshes and textures from TR; searches always led me to Tomb Raider Forums. This is one of the most inspiring communities I've ever seen - you guys are still supporting custom, fan-made levels - I didn't even know such a community existed. The persistence I've seen on this site was amazing, to say the least.

I owe the talented users of this website the world for developing tools (some very old, some very new) that led to the creation of this video. Specifically, Turbo Pascal and Popov created TRviewer, the room viewer, and an invaluable tool that converted geometry to Metaseqouia.

This video is for you guys.

ANoDE 08-07-19 06:57

This is such a great video. Wonderful piece of work. Thanks so much for making and sharing it :)

scremanie 08-07-19 09:09

I watched this video earlier today and left a comment. I love it!! You did such an amazing job on absolutely everything! :D

yaron 08-07-19 09:59

cant play the video

Alex Fly 08-07-19 10:25

^ I can't either but I've found it here:

(see on first post)

Welcome aboard, PGunnii! ;)

PGunnii 08-07-19 12:08


Originally Posted by Alex Fly (Post 8107710)
^ I can't either but I've found it here:

Welcome aboard, PGunnii! ;)

Thank you! I've fixed the OP.

Andymy 08-07-19 19:56

This was awesome! :jmp: loved it to the core! 40 minutes spent incredibly well. Thank you! and I agree to all you have said 100%

boubouk 08-07-19 21:02

This is very very well made, i had a great time watching it :)

tomblover 08-07-19 21:03

I watched this last night and was going to make a thread about it, come to find out you already have! :vlol:

What a delightful watch it was too, excellent work. :hug:

It's so refreshing to see someone who knows TR so well, making a video essay about it. YouTube is rife with TR thinkpieces, but IMO they've all struggled to express what the essence of TR is among fans, because their interest is often superficial, or they've just misinterpreted the point (insofar as there is one) of the game.

(to be fair, that came off very elitist - I'm just saying you seem to understand the game on the same level as many of us here on the forum, who love the series so deeply :p)

You really hit the nail on the head, though. Snaps for you, and thank you for bringing this to a wider audience, that they might feel the magic too. :tmb:

tlr online 08-07-19 21:04

Welcome to the forum. :wve:

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