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neonwave 30-07-20 13:45

Who is the scariest enemy in TR2 in your opinion?
Well, I have arachnophobia so everytime i see a spider i freak out XDD
also T-Rexs and Sharks make me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

ATombRaiderFan 30-07-20 14:31

Always hated spider cave in TR2. Also spiders from Underworld are just too much for me tbh.

TombRager 30-07-20 14:35

No doubt the giant eel in Living Quarters. I'm still afraid of that thing.

neonwave 30-07-20 14:47

ewwww Tomb Raider Underworld spiders are really creepy D: but willard from tr3 is my biggest fear so far, really scary.

ANoDE 30-07-20 15:02


Originally Posted by ATombRaiderFan (Post 8224407)
Always hated spider cave in TR2.

Same here.

The eel is a bit of a jumpscare, too but I find it mostly annoying.

Shirley_Manson 30-07-20 15:21

Yeti. The sounds they make and the fact that you often have to fight them in the dark make them pretty scary.
Also the floating soldiers can creep up on you. Thier soundless gliding is pretty unnerving. And the green statue ones cause much tension. I both love and hate the Floating islands. :p

BlackWolftr 30-07-20 16:26

For me that enemies are yetis. They creppy screams and the completly dark room with them always scares me :yik: Also a bit scary are spiders and warriors from Floating Islands.

Lucy_Croft 30-07-20 18:26

I always had a combined fascination/terror with all things Bigfoot-related when I was a kid, so when I first played TR2 and I was about 8 yrs old, I found the yetis were terrifying xD And I remember freaking out when the Guardian of the Talion emerged and my mum had to take over playing for me haha.

Yeauxleaux 30-07-20 19:55

The Yeti and eels never really bothered me so much. I just hate spiders. The small spiders are fine with how crap the graphics are but the bigger ones, ew.

Willard in TR3 isn't so bad, but even he can get my arachnophobia tingling a little bit as well even with only 4 legs, they just look so tarantula-ish even in crap graphics.

TombHackR 30-07-20 20:58

I never actually minded the spider cave in TR2. The yetis in the pitch black room though I found scary because they move so quickly and you can’t see them coming, and all the noises too.

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