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Legend of Lara 28-02-10 20:46

I can afford the game. But I'm torn on what to spend the money on. D:
There are so many good games coming out this year. (FFXIIInotbeingoneofthem)

sandra croft 28-02-10 21:35


Originally Posted by trlestew (Post 4404801)
cast Hastega on your party and try to hit him with more magic attacks than physical attacks. I haven't reached that part in years. :o So I'm not sure if that'll help or not.

Also try not to overuse summons.

You got good memory it worked :D, now all I got to do is beat Seymour for the last time.

Legend of Lara 28-02-10 21:37

This is kind of making me want to play X again.

Except I should finish XII first, which I've never done.
And when I'm done with XII, I still have VII.
And I'm still only about halfway finished with P3FES: The Answer.

So many RPGs, so little time...

Flyin11 01-03-10 00:01


Originally Posted by Jack Croft (Post 4403799)

FF9...I just couldn't make myself play that game. I usually get into the characters and the game, like in Heavy Rain, but I could not for the life of me get myself to play a character that is part monkey :rolleyes: I called him monkey boy. LOL The princess was ok and Vivi was the only real interesting character to me but I wasn't into it because of the main character. I took that game and sold it with extra copies I had of FF7 and FF8 and got about $80 for all 3 :p Not bad at all...

Yunas Wish 01-03-10 05:12

FFVIII - Ive defeated Ultima Weapon, I have every GF (the ordinary ones, at least...), Squall, Rinoa and Irvine are in lvl. 100, everybody have their most powerful weapons, Ive defeated all the members of the CC Group (this is the first time I do so, I didnt know Quistis was the King) and now Im collecting important cards all over the world. Im still missing Irvine, Rinoa and Kiros cards, but I cant wait to live the Lunatic Pandora events. I guess Ill just visit the Shumi Village and Winhill and then head to LP. Im hoping for a challenge when I meet Omega at Ultimecias Castle.

Jack Croft 01-03-10 09:27

tidusffxwakka 01-03-10 10:17


Originally Posted by Jack Croft (Post 4406468)

ahhh my favourite one. today i will be taking down omega weapon

Jack Croft 01-03-10 10:29

Week tomorrow!

tidusffxwakka 01-03-10 10:30

week today for some

Jack Croft 01-03-10 10:37


Originally Posted by tidusffxwakka (Post 4406517)
week today for some

Hopefully me!

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