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dylan_croft 03-09-20 21:29

TRAOD won't run ERROR
Hi everyone! the game won't work on my laptop I have windows 10 , when i tired to open the game "TRAOD_P4" from bin folder it won't open and this error appear's :

Build Sep 17 2003 15:53:15

The Following Error has occured

Generic Game Error

ASSERTION: 'pData && length>0' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\ai\script_mgr.c(400)

can you tell me how to fix it ?

Thanks .

ANoDE 04-09-20 05:59

I'm not entirely sure but have you tried copying the traod_p4 executable one level up, so that the data folder is right next to it? I think it was something like that.

dylan_croft 04-09-20 11:26

it works ! Thank you so much :hug::hug:

ANoDE 05-09-20 14:52

Glad I could help.

In that case it should also be possible to create a shortcut to the TRAOD_P4 executable and change the working directory (directory the executable should run in) to the folder that contains the data folder - just in case copying is too invasive :)

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