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Woops 21-03-22 03:03

Hello everyone :) just want to say thank you everyone for the feedback and requests. I've been overwhelmed with stuff recently and just hadn't had the time to answer here, but I promise, I'm reading :)

an update will be released with some bug fixes, we've waited so far on purpose so we can find as many bugs as possible. decompilation remains a long and tedious process at times and is very error prone. I'd say it's even a good achievement that it's only a few bugs.
I've found and fixed the bug with the crossbow not hitting stuff, this was the most game breaking one, but I promise, next release will have it fixed :)
There were also a few bugs with the way the motorbike collides with walls, and another bug where the motorbike wouldn't explode if you fall down a pit sometimes :p and a bunch of small bugs here and there. it's all fixed now though :) details will be in the changelog when the release is out

Nuke 21-03-22 06:57

Amazing thank you for update!

Bug to report, when you reload the game, Lara has only one pistol in her holster, also happens in tomb5 version.

charmedangelin 23-03-22 02:08

I'm having trouble with the flame puzzle before you play the game. The flames shoot very fast and I can't get a chance to do anything. Also the flames seem to be shooting out of order for some reason. Level is impossible to beat because they don't turn off or go in sequence like they are supposed to.

Woops 26-03-22 15:35

New update is out!



[URL=""]do not hesitate to consult the using guide if you need help inistalling[/URL], and of course, I am always here to help :)

Highlights include:
multiple bug fixes introduced from decompilation, such as crossbow bolts not hitting targets, and flame emitter bugs.
And, dynamic lighting on statics, and a brand new inventory background! no more white stripes :) Here are a couple pics:


ATombRaiderFan 26-03-22 16:42

It's amazing to see the inventory/pause background is no longer a low-res screenshot. You've even fixed the pixel line bug too, thank you very much Troye!

Before | After

[url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

JOHN30011887 26-03-22 17:52

New bug in the inventory with this latest update
After saving a game all the icons are washed out looking

Woops 26-03-22 18:23

[QUOTE=JOHN30011887;8348449]New bug in the inventory with this latest update
After saving a game all the icons are washed out looking[/QUOTE]

could you clarify? I'm not getting anything here

JOHN30011887 26-03-22 19:08

before i save everything looks perfect

after i save everything gets washed out

clean install of game from steam
running at 1080p,
using dgvoodoo or not doesn't make difference either, i removed it just incase it was the cause but still was the same
also started a clean save too just incase

Omg, just found the issue, its volumetric fog option, when enabled the bug happens, i turned it off and the color stays perfect

Woops 26-03-22 20:40

omg, this happens on the original as well :/ I never knew about it. I will fix it next release. thank you!

JOHN30011887 26-03-22 20:56

I think i might have only come across it by accident since its an original bug, i must have played the game with it off before but for some reason recently after reinstalling i put it on...but your welcome :)

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