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tomee 05-05-21 22:26

I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but that would be incredible. Microsoft has in general been a bit more relaxed with their exclusives and allowed a lot of stuff to launch on the windows stores as well. Might be a long shot, but I think this is possible. I hope it works out finally, after all these years.

Heartache 06-05-21 04:53

well they stated again last stream that they are still on it. didnt sound hopeless aswell.

JAMJOOM 08-05-21 00:41


Originally Posted by Los Angeles (Post 8282265)
That would be nice, I never got to play the underworld DLC cuz I didn’t own a 360.

It's available on Xbox One:)
My first experience was on Xbox One and it was okay
But it works on 720p resolution . :(
This is a little annoying compared to the high-definition computer version:confused:
Although the Xbox already works at 4K resolution:mad:
Graphics filtration is too weak, no anti-aliasing

JAMJOOM 08-05-21 00:51

love this
Nice news, I hope it happens

AimlessThunder 15-05-21 13:04

Hopefully they will release updated versions of L-A-U with all the DLC included like Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

JOHN30011887 15-05-21 23:13

^This, and fix a few outfit texture bugs, widescreen issues with next gen in Legend, missing shadows when using the ingame aa, and few other bugs

ThatSassyKid 16-05-21 19:46


Originally Posted by tomblover (Post 8282511)
I've no doubt that they would port the DLCs, but not a second before Microsoft gives them the go-ahead to do so. Which isn't all that likely, unfortunately, because it's not a profitable venture.

Whilst this is true, Microsoft also controls a lot of the PC market as well, so it's entirely possible for sure, but I could never see it coming to PS.

andre_costa 24-06-21 13:10

Any news about this?

ANoDE 25-06-21 17:19

Would be cool if the DLC was available for Underworld Celebration month.

klona 25-06-21 22:40


Originally Posted by andre_costa (Post 8306143)
Any news about this?

Meagan confirmed she was actively trying to make it happen. She can't promise anything but I just hope her efforts don't go in vain. :(

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