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AmericanAssassin 17-02-08 02:51

Open TRLE Chat - Basic Questions, Inquiries, & Help Thread!
It seems like most of you get annoyed with new people asking a bunch of questions all of the time and making endless threads doing so. So, I'm creating this thread, a place where us "newbies" can ask questions in a single thread, dedicated to that purpose.

This thread is also dedicated to the more experienced, however, for more advanced questions and chat.

Before you all start telling me how "pointless" this thread is, let me first tell you that you're wrong. I've been searching for something like this, as I'm sure others have, and I couldn't find it. So, here's the equivilant of the main Open Chat and FAQs threads for newer official titles, but for this section of the forums. :)

EDIT: Now, let me be the first to ask a question... I'd love to play a Croft Manor level made by one of you guys. I've seen some beautiful screenshots and no links... Anybody have one that I might be interested in?

stranger1992 17-02-08 12:11

go over to www.trle.net and use the 'search' function for home levels.

I would reccomend "TRsearch HQ emergancy" as it has a fantastic manor at the start.
NIce Thread; finnaly, someone with a brain :D

Veronica Ma 17-02-08 12:17

Great thread! :tmb: :wve:

thecentaur 17-02-08 13:00

my quick question: is there any way constructing the shape of the room be fun? i find it a dull process and just eventually take out TR2PRJ and just copy a project file; it saves me from making the rooms. :( but it ruins the creativity....

McGloomy 17-02-08 13:13

I have some very, very basic questions. I don't know that much about the Level Editor so far, so please have mercy... :D

Most level builders just overwrite the tutorial level, am I right? So basically their level is treated by the game itself as the tutorial level and the builders upload the data of this level. Nevertheless it's possible to replace the logo and loading screen of the game itself. But as a builder you would need to upload the whole game so these changes are seen by the player. Is this common? Or do most builders don't seize those oppurtinities?

I'm a complete newbie, but I want to understand those things. =)

spider-pig 17-02-08 13:21

Bah! Im so unlucky with Wads!

Can someone tell me EXACLY how to change lara's outfit and horizons?

And about the question above, do we need our own patched tomb4.exe?

AmericanAssassin- Just go to "www.trle.net" and click "Top Custom Levels", in the 2nd place there should be "Something HQ: Emercency" , download it, it starts with an awsome Manor level

WhiteTiger 17-02-08 13:25

This should be sticked.. though, there's no much place to this to be sticked...

stranger1992 17-02-08 13:26

<post reserved for answering outstanding questions>

tomblover 17-02-08 13:39

Nice thread idea! :tmb:

BTW, could one post screenies here too, or leave that to the Screenshot thread? :)

kill bill 17-02-08 13:45

<Reserves post for question>:p:p

Cool thread kinda.

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