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larafan25 09-05-12 23:19


Originally Posted by Lukass (Post 6159844)
I'm going to give them a call. Gimme a sec.

U go Glen Coco!

leglion 09-05-12 23:20


Originally Posted by motoleo (Post 6158110)
I say it's going to bomb.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but did not TR6 already set an example? From my observations, I've concluded that every time someone tries to "Re-invent Tomb Raider" to make it dark and gritty, people appear not to take kindly to it.

Some would say that it's already done and over. Some would say the best thing they can do now is try to minimize their losses. I, personally, well I'm not in any way interested in this game at all whatsoever. But the main reason that it will indeed fail is because lack of exposure.

And I'm not trying to be harsh or anything, but I'm usually right. And that movie, I swear that movie they were talking about will never happen- I just don't see it. Look at all the other games coming out at E3, TR is not a threat.

Unless the game is extremely popular, which it's not right now, that would not be a wise business move to make an expensive movie out of it.

This place, I mean look around, it's dead. And this is me being realistic, not hopeful. Unless you believe in miracles!

There's a difference between realism and annoyingly consistent pessimism.
Secondly, Legend was received well by the general gaming public but it was a light take on the series, not dark. Underworld was the darker take on the series. But that was not why it failed among the fans. The game being dark has nothing to do with the sales. Especially since tomb raider is a dark game originally.

Weemanply109 09-05-12 23:20


Originally Posted by Lukass (Post 6159840)
Well, it's 0:13AM here, so I assume they should change the stock at midnight, no?

Some stores here tend to be late with that stuff, but I hope you can manage to get the latest issue.

Lukass 09-05-12 23:21

Hm :/ that lady said there's no such magazine :(

Weemanply109 09-05-12 23:22

Blow up that Petrol Station! GTA STYLE!

larafan25 09-05-12 23:23

That Lady ....was Meagan in disguise.

_Awestruck_ 09-05-12 23:24

I'd probably wait until the daytime hours and go to an actual store if I were you.

Lukass 09-05-12 23:27

Well, her voice sounded quite elderly, maybe she was confused because she gives a **** about games? D: There's still hope...

Rai 09-05-12 23:27

I don't know how petrol stations do it, but in the shop where I work, a new delivery will come in and of it's supposed to be out on a particular day (which doesn't happen often as we don't get new stuff in), it'll be ready the night before, but put out in the morning. But the shop hours are regular daytime hours not all night.

King.Louie 09-05-12 23:32

so this play magazine...will it be out in certain territories or what?

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