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Lily.J 10-06-18 21:08

Favorite Lara's behavior / in-game.
I recently did a little retrospective of all the episodes of Tomb Raider and I would have quickly noticed some variations in the behavior of the classic Lara herself. After a quick summary, I've decided after analyse to isolate the incarnations that I consider personally different from the others and to regroup those which will be sufficiently similar to obtain a global and final point of view of these few nuances throughout the ages. :)

(If there are some, as always, forgive the mistakes !)

https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...5330747773.png https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...5201348261.png

1) TR1 / TR7 (Joyful, inspiring Lara)

The version of Toby Gard. A wise and passionate Lara Croft with a sincere, generous and stimulating voice, who will be a little less hostile to people's contacts. Will use a constant irony without hurting people, orally, from the front.

https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...0317809119.jpg https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...0031818405.jpg https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...0318266429.jpg

2) TR2 / TR3 / TR8 (Calm, concentrated Lara)

Only one thing counts for this Lara. This is her goal. Aside from anger or frustration, she will very rarely let the strong emotions create barriers in her way. Of a flawless concentration and in the desire to be practical and brief, this Lara will also leave too little consideration to relationships, that she can engage to obtain informations. But time being what is most precious to her, these relations will always be operated on a certainly very polite tone, but distant, cold and more monotonous than the other episodes.

https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...1232169814.jpg https://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018...0123295136.jpg

3) TR4 / TR5: (Provocative Lara)

This Lara appreciates to reinvigorate and value herself by teasing her entourage very kindly. Against a person of whom she has little esteem, her teasing can become scathing, cleverly offensive. She likes to put herself on a show and claim her difference in front of incongruous people who could wrongly consider her as a naive, weak or as an ordinary woman.


4) TR6: (Stressed, angry Lara)

Chain reactions of bad events as well as traumas that affected her emotional stability have made transcend Lara's hostility and mistrust towards the world over. This Lara is net, clear, precise and expeditious, and has no time for monologues and for people with a too low intelligence quotient, of which she will reveal herself in a much less polite and diplomatic way. The stress of being a fugitive naturally led her to be more brutal than the others.


5) TRA: (Shy, perplexed Lara)

While remaining determined and driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, this Lara is quieter, more transparent and can even show a rare ounce of purity in the character. This Lara shows a strong perplexity and often questions her moral codes, seeming to wondering if she's a person guided or not by noble choices, and if she's a fundamentally good or bad person. (She's a good one. :p)

Of course, all these Lara represent more than just a few lines, besides the aristocratic sweetness, the British elegance, intelligence and strength that emerges in all, there are some unique behavioral traits and more concrete that some have not.

With great objectivity and without being influenced by your favorite Tomb Raider, which of these sections do you prefer ? ... Me, it would be a mix of 1, 2 and 5. :)

Yeauxleaux 10-06-18 21:23

I like a mix of all of them really, but especially 2, 3 and occasionally 4

3 is what I really badly miss about Lara the most these days though, sorely. I miss her witty banter and repartee, and occasional flirty toying with people she meets. It made for some really amusing conversations in a lot of the early games. It was cheeky and funny, and showed a side of her that wasn't so serious, instead of her being so consumed with angst and gritting melodrama 24/7 like she is these days.

Nigel Cassidy 10-06-18 21:40

1, most definitely. If she has fun in what she's doing, then so do I.

Samz 10-06-18 21:45

3 Definitely

Lily.J 10-06-18 21:51


1, most definitely. If she has fun in what she's doing, then so do I.

I am very sensitive to that too. :o

JsotoTRSaga 10-06-18 22:03

I prefer TR4, TRC & TRAOD Lara's overall personality and attitude.

TR1, TR2, TR3 Lara also works.

LAU (LC) is also pretty amazing.

Whiny pussy cat sucks.

Nigel Cassidy 10-06-18 22:04


Originally Posted by Lily.J (Post 7898885)
I am very sensitive to that too. :o

Conversely, if the protagonists hate to be there (TR9) or seem to be bored out of their mind (Underworld) then that sentiment is transferred to me as well...

ActuallyArlow 10-06-18 22:11

On coming Essay! Watch out! :O
4. In a way, Lara's anger brings out my sympathy. Which a lot of people don't get or fathom. The misunderstanding between her and the impression that people get from her doesn't leave much leeway to justify the unfairness and treatment she gets. The sarcastic attitude is usually directed to people she feels is wasting her time and to people she feels deserve she it. The potion shop owner in the Parisian Ghetto is an example of a side character that she was %100 polite to, because she perceived as zero threat. Just a homely old man minding his own business selling his products. Unlike Renee the pawnshop owner, Lara asked him "Open for business?", and his very first respond was "You managed to get in didn't you?". Last time I check, when working customer service you are supposed to be welcoming. Through out the game, a lot of side characters tend to start the dialogue with rude, condescending remarks, so with a personality at default like Lara in general, can you blame her for clapping back?

Lily.J 11-06-18 06:09

I do not blame this Lara so much. Apart from a few exceptions, I always had the impression that the simple fact of being rough and cold with others was a sort of stylistic mood implanted in the game being subject to any living soul so that conversations probably become more "stimulating" ... In the eyes of the screenwriter, at least.

Like the cold and constant repartee operated with all the characters of The Last Of Us for example.

charmedangelin 11-06-18 06:23

TR4, TR5, and TR6 Lara Croft. She had an unique personality that is hard to replicate.

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