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Anilorak 01-01-11 01:29


SkyPuppy 01-01-11 04:24

aw, thank you Kelly. :hug: you look pretty, too. i love the winter feel to it so much. you look so cute and comfortable. ^_^

Gian Carlo 01-01-11 11:54


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 5121132)

You're handsome! :)

jackles 01-01-11 12:34

Time to darken the thread...


ShadyCroft 01-01-11 12:37

you're crazy, Jackie. What do you mean darken the thread ? :hug: It brightened it. just saw it on MGC and posted a comment there

SkyPuppy 01-01-11 12:56

Jackie, like i said in MGC: you are stunning! oh, and i want your stuff. :p

silviu_raider 01-01-11 14:56

Here are some pictures from last night.
We had 9 seats for 11 people, so constantly 2 people had to sit in somebody's lap.

I need to lose weight! :pi:
I've put on lots of weight this last month. :(

cezy rockeru 01-01-11 15:00

^You look great!:D
BTW,Ina's clothes are very...transparent:vlol:

amore-guy 01-01-11 15:30

Silviu you beast!:ohn: Looking great as usual:hug:

Underworld2008 01-01-11 15:34

Silviu, you look lovely and so do you're friends!

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