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CroftGameGirl 07-01-10 21:16


Originally Posted by Reggie (Post 4277041)
Legend 4ever: Thanks! Looking good yourself. :tmb:
Kelly Craftman: Haha thanks! :p You look great. :)
Mokono: Thanks for the comments! :)
Melonie Tomb Raider: You look stunning. No two ways. :tmb:


A pic from a few days ago...

Deine Augen! :eek: Sehr schon :)

lara c. fan 07-01-10 21:16


Originally Posted by CroftGameGirl (Post 4278698)
Deine Augen! :eek: Sehr schon :)

I understand!!!

Looking good, everyone! :tmb:

tombraiderluka 07-01-10 21:19


Originally Posted by Reggie (Post 4278479)
^you can't be serious. :p


Originally Posted by Mystery-King (Post 4278481)
:smk: Hardly! :p
Melonie, don't worry. You're always beatiful and look very charming regardless of whether you're ill or not. This is gonna sound lame but your amount of beauty is really just... mesmerizing. :o One day, You'll be going places! :hug:


Originally Posted by cbragg09 (Post 4278515)
well....thats just....wow....
EDIT: Ive personally always found her pictures beautiful, and if anything her features mature and get better the more I see!


Originally Posted by Dina_Croft (Post 4278669)
Go to an eye doctor, this sounds bad.:tea

:ton: Works every time :D

Mystery-King 07-01-10 21:19

*scowls* Ooooo, you crafty rascal! :p

Reggie 07-01-10 21:24


Originally Posted by CroftGameGirl
Deine Augen! :eek: Sehr schon :)

Arigatou. :hug:

Originally Posted by tombraiderluka (Post 4278708)
:ton: Works every time :D

That's why I said you can't be serious. You really can't. :ton:

CroftGameGirl 07-01-10 21:28


Originally Posted by lara c. fan (Post 4278701)
I understand!!!

High five, whoop! :D

Six 07-01-10 21:43

I'm only a few posts in but what the hell, what better way to settle in.


I'll give you a hint, i'm both of them. Also note the Tomb Raider comics pinned to the wall.

xx_Hunt_xx 07-01-10 21:45

How can you be both of them at the same time! :yik:

Lavinder 07-01-10 21:46

Enjoying the snow a few weeks back :D.



Reggie 07-01-10 21:46

Looking cute Laura. :)

Originally Posted by xx_Hunt_xx (Post 4278784)
How can you be both of them at the same time! :yik:

Photoshop. :p

Looking good man. Are they like two sides to your personality?
And welcome to TRF. :wve:

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